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Who Was  Diego From Blow? What Happened to Him?

Blow is a crime drama about drugs. It’s about a regular guy named George Jung who comes from a working-class family. He’s been poor and had hard times in his life, so he decides to get into the drug business to get rich.

Even though the main actors, especially Johnny Depp, did a good job, the movie didn’t do very well at the box office. The movie had a great story that was based on real events, but the way it was made was a letdown.

Many critics said that this movie was based on other classic crime movies like “Boogie Nights” and “Goodfellas.” Some critics liked the big ideas of the movie, like how the filmmakers showed George’s fall to show that things don’t always go the way we plan in this cruel and brutal world. Overall, it was a good movie with a good story and theme.

The movie is based on a book of the same name. It tells the real-life story of George Jung and his connections with Pablo Escobar, Carlos Lehder, and others. Diego Delgado, who was played by the Spanish actor Jordi Molla, was one of the most interesting characters in the movie.

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The character of Diego in the movie Blow is based on real-life drug kingpin Carlos Lehder. One of the most important people in the Medellin cartel, a drug lord. Today, we’ll look at who Diego, whose real name was Carlos Lehder, was and what happened to him.

Who Was  Diego From Blow?

In the 2001 movie Blow, the character Diego is a prisoner who meets the main character, George Jung, in prison and offers to go into the cocaine business with him. George used to be in the business of selling marijuana, but after he meets Diego, he sees the bigger picture and realizes where the big money is. He then gets involved in the dirty business of selling drugs.

After George got out of prison, he and Diego went into business together to sell cocaine. As their business grew, so did their risks, and Diego was soon arrested. After George is arrested, he teams up with Derek, and the two of them become Pablo Escobar’s most profitable partners. When Diego gets out of jail, he finds out about Derek, and he gets very angry at George for keeping Derek’s name a secret.

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But later, we find out that Diego lied to George by working with Derek and cutting George out of future deals. Diego is a key character in the movie because he shows George how cruel the drug business can be and how a friend today could be a foe tomorrow.

What Happened to Diego in Blow?

Diego, whose real name was Carlos Lehder, was Pablo Escobar’s partner. When the U.S. government started looking for the biggest drug lords in Columbia, they went after Diego. Pablo and Carlos got involved in politics because of this. But things went wrong for Pablo and Lehder after Rodrigo Bonilla, the minister of justice, was killed. After that, every minister in Columbia turned against Pablo and Lehder.

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After the corruption in the Bahamian government became public, it was hard for Lehder to hide in Norman’s Cay. Lehder, who used to be one of the richest drug lords, had all of his bank accounts frozen and all of his properties and money taken away. He went bankrupt.

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Soon, he was taken into custody by the military after one of his employees told the authorities about him. Some sources say that Pablo Escobar was the one who set up Lehder’s capture. Lehder became an informant after he was caught. He told the military everything they needed to know about the Columbian drug cartel, which helped them bust the cartel.

In 2020, Lehder finished his time in prison and was finally let out because he had prostate cancer. He was taken to Germany. Lehder is still alive, and he is 73 years old right now.

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