Vlad and Nikki, Early Life, Youtube Channel and Networth

The Russian-American brothers Vlad and Niki Vashketov, who are nine and seven years old, have amassed quite a following on YouTube since launching their channel Vlad & Niki in 2018. The parent-created, parent-written, and parent-produced YouTube channel, which has over 90.2 million subscribers, explores preschool-focused topics like science experiments, storytelling, family fun, discovery play, home adventures, indoor and outdoor fun and games, singing and dancing, and more. It was created, written, and produced by Sergey and Victoria Vashketov. And as a result, they have amassed tens of millions of dollars and purchased a Ferrari, a Range Rover, and a $12.5 million Miami Mansion.

Early Life of Vlad and Niki

Vlad, who was born on February 26, 2013, is the elder sibling. He was nine years old. Niki, who is now six, was born on June 4, 2015.

They are Russian-Americans who live in Miami, Florida, where they were born. Their parents’ names are Victoria and Sergey. Additionally, they have a younger sibling named Christian Sergey Vashketov.

Vlad and Nikki

Victoria, the charming and vivacious mother, plays a crucial role in the storyline of the channel. She was a talented gymnast who started her career in Russia. Sergey has also shown himself to be a great father. Before they became famous online, he worked as a salesman.

By establishing connections with brands, Sergey started to develop the channel. The parents now manage a number of channels for millions of viewers who are their children.

Currently, both are in primary school. The eldest brother has developed into a competitive athlete and likes to play soccer and kickboxing. The bright younger brother, Nikita, enjoys traveling, creating art, singing, dancing, and other forms of expression.

NetWorth Vlad and Nikki

The channel was the tenth most subscribed channel in the globe as of October 2021, according to DailyO. They also have an app called Vlad and Niki, which features games like Vlad and Niki Smart Games, Vlad and Niki Super Market, and Vlad and Niki 12 locks, in addition to the channel. These brothers have a total net worth of over $130 million.

According to DailyMail, the two lads were among the most successful YouTubers in 2019, earning an estimated $312,000 per video. Dan Weinstein, who represents “Vlad and Niki” through his business Underscore Talent, commented on it, saying “You can develop a global franchise without a huge studio.” I find it rather mind-blowing to consider that.

Youtube Channel: Vlad and  Niki

The launch of the Vlad and Niki channel took place on April 23, 2018. Their initial account name was Vladik Toys. At first, Vlad and his mother made videos of toys being unwrapped.

The themes of community and sharing predominate in their content. The boys can be seen in the majority of the videos telling stories, playing with toys, acting silly, and traveling abroad to vlog.

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They occasionally include nursery rhymes in their videos. With 79.8 million subscribers as of right now, they are one of the top ten most-subscribed channels on YouTube globally.

Vlad and Niki’s Agreement with Haven Global

Their online presence increased along with their notoriety. To increase their audience, they started expanding their brand internationally. They produce videos in 18 different languages and have 21 channels on YouTube. Vlad has 213,000 followers on Instagram.

In order to produce more content streams, Vlad and Nikita signed a representation agreement with Haven Global in 2019. The brother was able to create a mobile app with the same name as their channel thanks to this contract. Children can play a variety of games on their app.

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They also negotiated a contract with Playmates Toys, a toy company founded in 1996 in Hong Kong by Sam Chan. Amazon, Walmart, and Target all distribute their goods. On their own website, they also offer children’s merchandise.

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