Who is Danielle Cohn: What is the Pride Month Controversy?

Danielle Cohn, a popular TikTok star and influencer, first gained fame on Musical.ly, but many of her followers are still confused about her real age.

TikTok’s forerunner, Musical.ly, is where Danielle Cohn first found fame and where she amassed a large fan base. Fans have followed Cohn’s erratic career path over the years as he has branched out into other areas, such as YouTube content and the music industry.

Cohn’s age is still a secret, even from his most devoted followers on TikTok.

Who is Danielle Cohn?

One of the most popular users on both YouTube and TikTok, Danielle Cohn is a true internet sensation. She is also at the top of her game in the music business right now. She began by making friends and gaining followers on the social media site. The artist has come a long way on social media, starting with an unimportant Dubsmash video and ending with the original music of her creation.


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Florida is home to the TikTok sensation. Her parents moved to Los Angeles after she became successful on Musica.ly so that they could assist her in further developing her career. After signing up for the social media website, she began receiving offers of $400-$500 for sponsored films posted on the platform. When Danielle was ready to reach the pinnacle of her career, her mother quit her job to become her manager.

Danielle Cohn’s Real Age Remains Unclear

Cohn had told followers she is 16, but her father has corrected that age and said his daughter is much younger. Cohn’s father, Dustin Cohn, removed a Facebook post in which he attempted to “put the record straight” to save his daughter from online predators.

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For a long time, I thought the system would work and keep my daughter safe, so I played it cool when she engaged in activities on the internet that I disapproved of.


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In light of the growing interest in Danielle’s private life among her fans, Dustin felt compelled to speak out: “I am finally saying something on social media because people need to be held accountable.

When Dustin found out that Danielle had dated fellow YouTuber Mikey Tua when she was purportedly only 13 and he was 17, his worries multiplied. On March 25, Tua opened up about his past relationship with Cohn, explaining how they met and how “things are not always as they seem.

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As early as April of 2021, Danielle posted a YouTube video acknowledging her curiosity about her true age. Despite widespread speculation about Cohn’s age, the TikToker has yet to independently verify this.

The Controversy Surrounding Danielle Cohn’s Age

A lot of people have argued about how old the star is. While Danielle claims she was born in 2004, one of the images of her leaked birth certificates shows that she was born in 2006. Danielle seems to have given up the fight after her father claimed that she is 16 years old in 2022 (and thus hiding the fact). As far as she is concerned, she is 18 years old.


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Even Danielle’s dad came clean on Facebook to clear things up. He let slip that Danielle was 14 in August 2020. He went on to say that he was never fond of his daughter using social media, especially from a young age.

Her entire relationship with Mikey Tua was plagued by rumors and questions about the TikTok star’s true age. The pair began dating in 2018, and in 2019, thanks to a video series that followed them around Las Vegas and revealed that they had tied the knot, they became an internet sensation.

Was Daniella Married to Mikey?

The ceremony was fabricated for sensationalism, according to Danielle’s mother, who rejected the footage. Unfortunately, the couple’s 2019 breakup was precipitated by intervention from Tua’s parents, indicating that things had not gone well between them. That was a major problem.

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Cohn’s account on YouTube indicated that Danielle was expecting. It was then revealed that the couple had faked her pregnancy.

The Pride Month Controversy

It looks like Danielle can’t get away from all the controversy. Another one appeared in 2021 when the celebrity publicly declared their pansexuality during Pride Month. She shared a couple of photos with empowering comments, showing her solidarity with the LGBTQ community.

She likewise urged her admirers to embrace their sexuality openly and never hide it from the world. She identifies as pansexual yet is frequently associated with males. She took a lot of criticism from those who weren’t impressed by her coming out.

Danielle Net Worth

The starlet’s early career start indicates she’ll likely end up with a substantial fortune. Danielle Cohn has a multimillion-dollar bank balance. The total of the social media star’s earnings from her music, online content, and business deals.

Danielle Loves Sports

Danielle Cohn is interested in other types of entertainment besides music. She enjoys sports on both the viewing and playing sides. She participated in school cheerleading. She said that football is her favorite sport in an interview.

This isn’t the only thing the actress enjoys doing in her spare time; she’s also a fan of Pretty Little Lies.

A Bitter-Sweet Father-Daughter Relationship

The marriage between Danielle’s parents has ended. In addition, she has a complicated bond with her father. She had previously claimed that her father had expelled her. Concurrently, she says that her dad suggested she start posting music videos online, which was the impetus for her to do so.

Whenever his daughter engages in inappropriate behavior, her father is quick to point the finger at his ex-wife Jen. Jen and Danielle would ignore her father’s comments.

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