Here’s the Explanation of Zacharis Dossier in Spy x Family!

In episode 22 of season 1 of Spy x Family, Twilight and Nightfall are on a mission to rescue the Zacharis Dossier, which might spark a new conflict between the East and West if it falls into the wrong hands.

Nightfall and Twilight’s latest task demands them to join an underground tennis tournament called Campbellton, organised by Cavi Campbell while posing as tennis players.

Cavi Campbell has amassed a fortune in the energy industry over the years. He is an ardent collector of art and antiques nowadays.

One of his valuable paintings, The Lady in the Sun, includes hints to a document titled Zacharis Dossier.

What Does Zacharis Dossier Mean?

The Lady in the Sun was originally owned by the deceased Colonel Erik Zacharis, a member of the military intelligence branch of the East. Erik Zacharis was instrumental in ending the conflict between the East and West.

It is suspected that Zacharis possessed top-secret material that has been buried in a remote location, as its disclosure could trigger another war. This document, titled the Zacharis Dossier, contains all of this information.

Zacharis Dossier in Spy x Family explained

People say that the Zacharis Dossier has records of experiments done on people and the truth about prisoners of war. The details aren’t clear, and no one knew where the papers were for a while.

Now, Campbell has a painting with a code hidden in it that could lead someone to the Zacharis Dossier.

Since this information for the WISE comes from a reliable source, Twilight and Nightfall have to make this mission their top priority.


Campbell or the East Government would figure out the secret sooner or later, and there would be a war between the East and the West. So, Twilight and Nightfall need to get that document before Campbell does.

The Painting’s location.

Campbell likes to store his art collection in the basement of Campbell Mansion, where the Lady in the Sun is located.

Zacharis Dossier in Spy x Family explained

The mansion is heavily guarded, so it would be hard to get in. The State Security Service is linked to Campbell’s Security. Whoever tried to force their way in was taken care of.

Even Twilight and Nightfall take risks when they infiltrate. So, the two are forced to pose for a picture and play in Campbell’s tennis tournament. The winner gets to pick a prize from Campbell’s collection.

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