A Castle for Christmas Review: is It Acceptable to Watch a Castle for Christmas?

Spoiler-free review of the Netflix movie “A Castle for Christmas.”

I used to be able to roll my eyes at this movie, but now I know better. There’s a frenzy of Christmas movies every year, whether we like it or not, and people who like to stay inside enjoy watching them. Netflix is obviously doing something right, and I can’t say I blame them. In the spirit of the approaching holiday season, A Castle for Christmas provides viewers with an unoriginal but pleasant and romantic Christmas experience.

Character Famous author Sophie (played by Brooke Shields) has angered her readers by eliminating a key figure from her current work. For her whole life, Sophie has lived through the lens of her character Emma Gale. Under pressure from the glaring criticism, Sophie has a tantrum in a live TV interview.

Because she wants a holiday, she visits a small Scottish village, where she is welcomed by the locals, encounters a grumpy Duke (Cary Elwes), and has the chance to prevent the sale of a world-famous castle. Just by stating the concept, the reader will have a good idea of what happens next.

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A Castle for Christmas touches the hearts of even the most jaded with its whimsical take on life and its sprinkling of hopeless romantic angles.

You’ll either go into the movie with cynical eyebrows raised like a jaded middle-aged Grinch or warmly giddy as the community spirit and budding romance win you over.

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The actors look like they are having fun, and the chemistry between the on-screen lovers is just right for a holiday romance. You’ll definitely be in the holiday spirit after watching A Castle for Christmas.

Frequently Asked Question

Is It Acceptable to Watch a Castle for Christmas?

The Scottish film A Castle for Christmas is suitable for the whole family, albeit it may not hold the attention of the little ones. While there is romance, there is more fighting than kissing (with only a few kisses before it’s implied that the two protagonists are going to bed together).

Where Did They Shoot Christmas at the Castle?

The majority of A Castle for Christmas was shot in and around Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital and largest city. The movie opens at Sophie Brown’s New York apartment, but we’re actually in the Dakota Hotels in Edinburgh.

Is a Castle for Christmas Going to Have a Follow-up?

Predictions for the second installment of “A Castle for Christmas

This is just a guess, and until Netflix makes an official announcement, you should take it with a grain of salt, but we anticipate the second film’s release no earlier than November 2022.

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Is Downton Abbey’s Mansion the Same as the One in a Castle for Christmas?

In two holiday episodes of the hit British television series Downton Abbey, Alnwick Castle played the role of the grand Brancaster Castle.

What Happened to the Actual Palace in the Christmas Prince?

Castelul de Peleş
Peleș Castle in Sinaia, Romania stands in for the royal castle of Aldovia in all three Christmas Prince movies. A new film (and nation, and infant) entered the Christmas Prince film canon on December 5.

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