Is Dead by Daylight Crossplay: Can Dead by Daylight Mobile Players Cross-Play?

The asymmetrical horror game Dead By Daylight follows four protagonists as they flee from a single killer. Due to the absence of any bots, the game is both entertaining and occasionally terrifying, with cameos from such iconic horror icons as Michael Myers and Pinhead. But does Dead By Daylight support multiplayer across platforms? We’re putting your mind at ease regarding cross-platform compatibility so you can start playing with your pals as soon as possible.

We cover the basics of Dead By Daylight’s cross-play, including how it functions, how to play with friends on other platforms, and how to disable cross-play, in this article. With that knowledge under your belt, you’ll be ready to join in on the fun with your pals in no time.

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Is Dead by Daylight Cross-Play Compatible?

Since August 2020, Dead By Daylight can be played on multiple platforms simultaneously. This increases the pool of potential opponents, shortens the length of time spent waiting and can spark some intriguing debates between console and PC players. The game can be played on PC (Steam), consoles (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch), and mobile devices (Android, iOS).

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Dead By Daylight’s cross-play function is immediately activated once the game is installed. This can be verified in the “Online” section of the “Options” menu. If you enable cross-play, you’ll be able to compete against players from all around the world.

In most cases, if cross-play is disabled, you’ll see a small globe icon next to the ‘Searching for the party…’ text in the bottom right corner of your screen when queuing.

Can Dead by Daylight Mobile Players Cross-Play?

Unfortunately, the answer is negative. Currently, there are no signs that Dead By Daylight gamers on mobile devices will be able to play with those on PC or console. Players on Android and iOS, for example, will still be able to compete against each other in multiplayer games.

How to Play With Friends in Dead by Daylight

Dead By Daylight makes it simple to play with a group of pals across many platforms. Adding them as a friend is the first step in inviting them to your lobby or joining theirs. Following are the procedures for entering the lobby with your companions.

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If you want to play a game of five, or if you want to play as a survivor versus a killer, or vice versa, you must be in a Custom Game.

  • To access your friends’ list, click the “Friends” button.
  • Choose the plus sign.
  • Type in the DBD user name of your pal.
  • In the meantime, wait for them to accept your invitation before left-clicking their name to bring them into your lobby.

How to Turn Off Dead by Daylight Cross Platform Play

There may be situations where gamers prefer to interact only with other users of their chosen platform. Some PC gamers, for instance, like to stick to the company of similar machines due to the convenience of in-game chatting.

You can enable or disable cross-platform play at any time by adjusting your settings as follows:

  • Launch the preferences menu.
  • Pick the ‘Options’ menu item.
  • Select “Cross-play” under “Online” to participate in this activity.
  • If you only want to play with people who use the same platform as you, uncheck the “Cross-play” box.

There you have it; now you may hop into trials with your buddies from any platform in Dead By Daylight. Best of luck! Check out some of our favorite survivor builds for more on the asymmetrical horror: we have built for evading trials and builds for extending chases!

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This article was revised by Luke Hinton, Gemma Le Conte, and Kelsey Raynor, and published on October 6, 2022.

Frequently Asked Question

Can Games of DBD on Pc and Xbox One Be Played Together?

Cross-platform play in Dead by Daylight wasn’t always possible, but now you can team up with gamers from different systems. So whether you play on Switch, PC, Xbox, or PS4, you may team up to try to survive. It doesn’t matter what kind of gaming system you have, it’s always more fun to play with pals.

What Are the Rules for Crossplay in Daylight?

Cross-Genre Work for “Dead of Day”
A gear icon labeled ‘Options’ can be seen at the bottom of the DBD window. Pick that.
It’ll open up in a new window. …
You’ll find the ‘Crossplay’ option beneath this.
That switch ought to be in the “on” position by default; if not, click it.

Do You Have Cross-platform Play for Dbd on Mobile and Pc?

We regret to inform you that cross-platform play is not currently available in Dead by Daylight on mobile.

This means that users of different platforms (such as PC and console) cannot participate in multiplayer games on mobile devices (Android and iOS). Yet, players on different platforms can work together in this game. Nowadays, cross-play is expected in multiplayer games.

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