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Is John Cena Dead: What You Know About His Career?

Only Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who rose to prominence in the early 2000s, remained a product of WWE to achieve mainstream success in Hollywood by the middle of the 2010s. Of course, he is still the most marketable celebrity, and with a worldwide gross of over $5 billion, he is the 26th highest-grossing leading man of all time, according to The Numbers, but others have entered the race in more recent years.

After that, Dave Bautista played a number of memorable supporting roles in films including Guardians of the Galaxy, Blade Runner 2049, and Spectre, in addition to his starring role in Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead.

is john Cena dead

No, John Cena is still alive and he does very well in his job and his profession personally I like john Cena very much and I know he can’t die Easily.

John Cena’s Wrestling Career

John Cena followed a similar path, appearing in a few action flicks during the height of his wrestling career and then a string of blockbusters when his squared circle days came to an end. Now he’s at the helm of a new series as the Captain America parody Peacemaker in James Gunn’s gonzo action comedy The Suicide Squad, due out in 2021. It’s his biggest claim to fame to date, as he’s now the main attraction in a critically acclaimed spin-off series centered on the all-American anti-hero.


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His witty comedic skills, which he used frequently in The Suicide Squad and Peacemaker as well, were highlighted in Judd Apatow’s Trainwreck when he played Steven, Amy Schumer’s enormous, insecure, and accidentally homoerotic gym bro boyfriend. The Marine (2006), made when Cena was at the height of his in-ring talents, showed early on that he could hit the necessary beats of a meatheaded action hero competently, though crudely.

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In the low-budget sex comedy Blockers, Cena plays a father who tries to prevent his daughter from losing her virginity as part of a prom night agreement with her friends. This role gave Cena a fantastic opportunity to showcase his comedic talents and solidified his status as a comic-leading man.

Once again, he played a tough soldier in Bumblebee, this time with a softer edge, proving once again his range as an actor. In Fast 9, he replaced The Rock as the franchise’s wrestler, a role he portrays with his usual vigor.


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Cena, like The Rock before him, was the public face of the WWE for a long time. He was marketed as a post-9/11 hero who embodied the ideals of American exceptionalism, including honesty, independence, and devotion to the Constitution.

The part of Peacemaker, his largest since retiring from wrestling, is a direct response to that notion of Americanism, a stars-and-stripes imperialist who is full of bravado. His motto, “I treasure peace with all my heart,” is a succinct expression of this. If I have to kill innocent men, women, and children to get it, so be it.

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Unlike other ex-WWE superstars, he has a wider spectrum of emotions. Numerous excellent examples can be found in the spin-off series Peacemaker, whose protagonist has been severely damaged by childhood trauma and the animosity he has harbored for his neo-Nazi father for the rest of his life.


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Cena’s best friend is an animated eagle with whom he communicates in an empathetic way. Cena’s ability to emotionally carry a scene, nailing tone and intent, adds a level of realism rarely seen in cinematic superheroes. That he can do it while wearing a super suit that makes him look like a clown is impressive enough, but Johnson and Bautista have yet to demonstrate the same level of command.

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There must be a good reason for wrestlers to flock to Hollywood. The transferable talents are glaringly clear; the show is a performance in and of itself, a melodramatic soap opera. Both Cena’s patriotic marine and Steve Austin’s cocky redneck were the first cinematic heroes.

John Cena’s first significant commercial role is a clear perversion of what John Cena originally meant, yet this just testifies to Cena’s keen sense of self, his lifelong brand. We are eager to see what he does next if this early sign of self-awareness is any clue.

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