Is Red Dead Online Cross Platform: What Happened to Red Dead Online?

Although there will likely be no more updates for Red Dead Online, the game still maintains a loyal following of players who tune in frequently. As a multiplayer spinoff of the Red Dead Redemption game, players can saddle up with buddies and ride through the Old West. Is cross-platform play available in Red Dead Online?

As a multiplayer mode for Red Dead Redemption 2, Red Dead Online is a must-have. When it comes to multiplayer, Read Dead Online is more like Grand Theft Auto Online than Red Dead Redemption 2. Players can band together or go to war in the game’s Wild West environment, making it the ultimate playground for cowboys.

Is it true that Red Dead Online may be played on multiple platforms? Is cross-platform play possible between PC, Xbox, and PlayStation consoles, or is it only possible between players on the same platform?

Is Red Dead Online Cross-Platform?

No, Red Dead Online does not allow cross-platform play as of this writing in 2022. As a result, gamers on PCs, PS4s, and Xbox Ones will be restricted to matches with other gamers using the same systems.


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Since Rockstar’s older and more successful online game, GTA Online, also lacks the feature, it appears unlikely that it will be introduced to the game. If this is the case, then it seems improbable that it will ever happen.

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Nonetheless, one should never rule out the possibility. We’ll let you know as soon as possible if Red Dead Online ever implements the feature.

What Happened to Red Dead Online?

In May of 2022, a social media movement was launched to “#SaveRedDeadOnline.” It was a grassroots effort to convince Rockstar Games to prevent the imminent death of Red Dead Online. Outsiders looking in could have been fooled by the debate’s dramatic overtones, but it was true that Red Dead Online had seemingly been abandoned by its developers at the time. Every little thing that happened was the same as it always was, and any news was largely irrelevant.

is red dead online cross platform

To be fair, Rockstar Games hadn’t actually given up on Red Dead Online, but it sure felt that way. Players and viewers quickly lost interest in Red Dead Online and its related content as time went on. Red Dead Online has become a very quiet product as of late, and despite the community suggesting numerous additions, Rockstar Games has not yet revitalized the platform in any significant way.

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Considering this, one may hope that adding cross-platform play for Red Dead 2 would help salvage the game. Since the point of playing a game across platforms is to socialize with other players, this would undoubtedly bring all of the game’s players together in one place.

Is Red Dead Online Crossplay?

Red Dead Online is not compatible with any other platforms, unfortunately. It’s a region-locked game that won’t run on anyone else’s PC, console, or handheld device. It does not support crossplay or cross-progression.

Explain the concept of cross-progression. As a result, if a player decides to go from Xbox to PlayStation (for example), they will have to start the game again from scratch, as their progress will not be carried over. Considering that GTA 5 also lacks crossplay, this is a standard, everyday practice for Rockstar Games’ games.


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Unfortunately, this has caused some discord within the community, which has further damaged the reputation of an already-struggling site. Some of the best crossplay games are appearing with user-friendly, cross-platform features baked in from the get-go as gaming technology improves. There appear to be no plans to implement crossplay functionality in Red Dead Online at this time, therefore severing the community for good.

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However, the best multiplayer experience is now geared toward newer players. It should be noted that Red Dead Online may be a bit of a slog and that after the game’s foundational content has been mastered, there isn’t much beyond the standard grind.

Red Dead Online: Does it work on multiple platforms? It’s not, but it’s still passable as a multiplayer experience on its own.

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