Spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1069: Why Luffy Vs. Lucci is a Distraction?

Spoilers for One Piece chapter 1069 indicate that it will contain a healthy balance of action and lore. The impending battle between Luffy in Gear 5 and Rob Lucci in Awakened Zoan form was established in the prior chapter.

In the last episode, despite being denied entry by the Vegapunk satellites, the CP0 decided to enter Egghead island. Almost immediately thereafter, they met hurdles that Vegapunk had set up for infiltrators, with Kaku suffering the most. After defeating Atlas, Lucci observed that Luffy was there on the same island.

While fans anticipate a fight between Luffy and Lucci, it looks that this is not the end of One Piece chapter 1069. This is due to the hints of at least two other significant wars, one of which is more current and the other in the future.

In One Piece Chapter 1069, Oda Slows Down Time to Make Room for a Bigger Fight

The Straw Hats and Kizaru

From the sneak peeks of One Piece chapter 1069, it’s clear that Luffy easily beats Rob Lucci in the same. Even though he can use Haki, the Straw Hats captain will beat him in Ennies Lobby. Also, the power Lucci has gained up to this point will not be enough to beat Luffy in One Piece chapter 1069.

 Luffy vs Lucci is a distraction

Also, the spoilers showed that Akainu found out that Kizaru was going to Egghead Island. This means that a big fight is coming up, and the fight between Luffy and Lucci is just a distraction to buy time until he gets there.

Even though Kizaru isn’t as crazy as his coworker and friend Akainu, he is still very cruel to pirates. In addition, the Straw Hats had met him before at Marineford, where he kept stopping Luffy from saving Ace.

The Revolution

Since the brilliant scientist, Dr. Vegapunk came into the story, a lot of information has been dumped all at once, which has kept fans interested in what will happen next. Even though it has a lot of action, spoilers show that One Piece chapter 1069 won’t skimp on the story. It will show the big battle that is still to come.

Vegapunk looks in the Devil Fruit encyclopedia and doesn’t find anything about Gomu Gomu no Mi. This could be because Luffy made up the name for it. However, the Sun God Nika will be mentioned, and his form will look a lot like Luffy’s Gear 5. This God will be seen as a liberation warrior, even though he will be naturally funny and make people smile.

 Luffy vs Lucci is a distraction

Fans have been guessing that there will be a big battle in the next few chapters. It looks like Oda will confirm that a war is coming between the Straw Hats and the World Government while Luffy and Lucci are fighting in One Piece chapter 1069.

The Dragon, who is Luffy’s dad, and his army of revolutionaries are already trying to bring down the government. Also, Sabo, the brother of the Straw Hats captain, is involved. This means that Luffy will also join them.

So, Stussy and Kaku will try to stop Lucci from attacking the Yonko Luffy without permission from an admiral, but Kizaru’s arrival will set the stage for a war between Luffy and the World Government.


Even though One Piece has achieved its conclusion, the Straw Hats still have a long journey ahead of them. In addition to fearsome adversaries like as Kizaru and Akainu, there are also the enigmatic I’m and the Five Elders of the World Government to contend with. Nonetheless, if Luffy is the reincarnation of the Sun God Nika, the journey will be filled with joy and enjoyment.

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