Your Christmas or Mine: a Review of a Charming Holiday-themed Romantic Comedy!

The Prime Video film Your Christmas or Mine? is discussed. it does not give anything away.

On every service we’ve ever subscribed to, the holiday spirit has begun to permeate (to). Hey, I tried some puns, but they didn’t work, but at least you got to read this. Prime Video has released a new holiday film, Your Christmas or Mine? just in time for the season. Are the movie’s jokes funnier than mine? I say, “Shall we?”

Hayley (Cora Kirk) and James (Asa Butterfield) are seen at the beginning of the film as they are making their way to the train station to travel to their respective family Christmas celebrations. Puppy love at such an early age makes them wish they could spend the holiday together, but they know their parents would be devastated.

James should have spent Christmas with Hayley, he thinks to himself as he tries to board the train. Then Hayley had the same thought while riding the subway. As a result, they secretly switch trains.


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Hayley and James confirm they both made it to the other’s holiday celebrations by phone. They’ve agreed to keep their romance under wraps. They promptly inform each household that they will be late due to the train. At that point, they move on to meeting one other’s families. Jame’s family is more reserved than Hayley’s, perhaps because his father is a Lord, whilst Hayley’s are more vivacious and outspoken.

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The film’s premise and trailer both turned me off as being too corny to have high hopes for it. On the other hand, it was completely cheesy, which is exactly what I was looking for. Despite this, the plot is sweet, and the novel approach to a holiday romantic comedy is welcome.

The tale is straightforward, yet it has several interesting elements that make you care about the protagonists. There are several plot twists that I did not see coming, thus the writing is quite excellent.

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In case you haven’t seen Asa Butterfield’s work before, you must see his outstanding performance as Otis on the Netflix series Sex Education. I was pleased to see Butterfield because I am a fan of his previous work. Butterfield contributes his charisma, but the scene in which he displays some of the remarkable variety we saw from him in Sex Education shines out. As you can see, Butterfield’s future is very promising.

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But Cora Kirk, who played Butterfield’s opposite number, Hayley, completely won me over. This was the first time I’d encountered her writing, and I was impressed by how much sass and charm Hayley exuded in every line. The rest of the ensemble cast is also fantastic. As a whole, it’s a fun film thanks to all of the above.

I’ve already mentioned that there are instances when cheese is not excellent in movies, but Your Christmas or Mine? is the precisely cut cheese that I loved very much. Be sure to add this film to your queue while you’re sifting through holiday options.

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