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Journey of Kim and Kroy Biermann Relationship: Are They Still Together?

Other people’s lives always make for interesting television. Shows like “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” always provide energy and thrill to any routine or guilty pleasure. The lives of many wealthy Atlanta socialites are the subject of “RHOA,” the third episode in the “Real Housewives” series.

As the women manage their personal and professional lives, cameras follow them about. Kim Zolciak-Biermann was a regular on the program up until season 5, after which she returned as a guest and a friend in seasons 9 and 10, respectively.

Due to her distinctive personality, Kim was chosen for a spin-off series called “Don’t Be Tardy for the Wedding” (later “Don’t Be Tardy”), which chronicles the events leading up to Kim and Kroy Biermann’s wedding as well as their married life.

Journey of Kim and Kroy Biermann from Real Housewives of Atlanta

At a charity event called Dancing Stars of Atlanta in May 2010, Kim Zolciak-Biermann and Kroy Biermann first became acquainted. On their first encounter, which was captured on “RHOA” season 3, Kim was immediately attracted to Kroy. The two quickly became friends and began dating. Kim claims that Kroy did make an attempt to end their relationship once while they were dating, but it only lasted for 24 hours. Even Brielle and Ariana, Kim’s children from a previous relationship, became close to Kroy.

Kroy Jagger Biermann Jr., the couple’s first child, was born in May 2011. Fans were in for more surprises that year as the couple announced their engagement in October 2011 and then wed in a lovely ceremony in November 2011. The primary plot of “Don’t Be Tardy” season 1 centers on the events leading up to their wedding and the Roswell, Georgia, ceremony. The couple always gave off the impression of being blissfully content with one another throughout their marriage.

 Kim and Kroy Biermann Relationship

When the couple welcomed their daughter Kash Kade into the world in August 2012, they delighted their fans once more. Brielle and Ariana, Kim’s daughters, were formally adopted by Kroy in 2013 and took his last name. The couple also welcomed twins Kaia Rose and Kane Ren in November of the same year.

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Kim and Kroy have never wavered in their commitment to one another, even with cameras following them around the clock. The eight-person family has always displayed a strong, close bond and has even stood up for each other when trolls or others have dared to speak ill of them.

Kroy Biermann and Kim Still Together?

The news that Kim and Kroy are still together will delight their fans. Even though there have been several rumors and suppositions concerning Kim and Kroy’s marital difficulties, they have persistently refuted these claims. As Kroy joined the Buffalo Bills and relocated away from his family to Buffalo in 2016, Kim and the couple’s kids had a difficult time. He unexpectedly left the group soon after joining, which sparked reports that Kim and Kroy’s marriage was having problems. The couple swiftly put an end to the rumors, though.

The pair reaffirmed their marriage vows in a beautiful ceremony on the beach in May 2017 after deciding to add more love to their union. Kim looked stunning in a bridal gown, and the couple invited all of their kids to the event. It was a captivating affair. In an interview with Fox News in October 2017, Kim discussed the link between reality stars and divorce. That’s not an option in my house, she remarked. I would never permit a show to have any kind of effect on my marriage. My marriage is unquestionably the first.

 Kim and Kroy Biermann Relationship

Kim also thinks that maintaining a relationship requires effort on both sides and that divorce is always the simple solution. In the same year, Kim admitted that while having a strong marriage, they occasionally make mistakes, particularly when it comes to Kim monitoring her social media. Kroy finds the practice annoying, but the two quickly found a solution and came to a compromise.

Kim has continued to keep their priority for their marriage over the years. In a post on Instagram, she articulately explained this, writing, “My.. before we leave the beach we believe in releasing all negativity, worry, doubt, and confusion. Instead, we allow love, passion, peace, and joy to flood our hearts. We think that if our marriage is robust, so will be our kids. We also prioritize our marriage above all else.

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When both members of the pair tested positive for Covid-19 in 2021, things got much worse for them. Even their daughter Brielle tested positive for the virus not long before the couple. However, the pair overcame their condition by relying on one another. They now appear to have recovered and are more content than ever. Kim and Kroy enjoy sharing their affection for one another on social media, and it is clear that their kids play a big role in their lives. We hope that this wonderful family will continue to be happy in the years to come and wish them nothing but the best.

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