Spoilers for One Piece 1069 & Raw Scan Luffy Vs. Lucci Results Announced!

The long-awaited fight between Straw Hat captain Monkey D. Luffy and CP0 member Rob Lucci will finally happen in the next chapter, according to One Piece chapter 1069 spoilers. Fans have been hoping that the Egghead Arc will end with a lot of action, and it looks like mangaka Oda will not let them down.

In the last chapter, Vegapunk told the CP0 that they couldn’t go to Egghead Island, but they went there anyway. They came to kill Vegapunk and Bonney because they thought there wouldn’t be much of a fight. At the end of the chapter, though, Luffy and Lucci ran into each other and were both shocked. This set up a fight for the next chapter, 1069, of One Piece.

Lucci is in for a Big Scare in One Piece Chapter 1069

Luffy and Rob Lucci’s Clash

Un-amed leaked information about One Piece chapter 1069, which has been confirmed by Redon, who is always right. Spoilers say that Lucci will fight as a big cat in his awakened Zoan form. Luffy, on the other hand, will be in his Gear 5 state, which is both amazing and surprising because fans thought he would be strong enough to beat Lucci in a lower form.

However, according to rumors, Luffy will easily overcome Lucci. The problem with this fight is that Luffy has become too powerful. It is foolish to face a Yonko in the form in which he defeated Kaido without asking for support from others. Even though Lucci is a Haki user, this has not helped him in the past.

Fairly speaking, Lucci was stunned by the finding of the Straw Hats on the island. As a result of the Sea Beasts’ destruction of their ships, the CP0 is likely to feel stranded in One Piece chapter 1069. It is hardly surprising that he becomes afraid and seeks to abandon the island as the battle begins. However, according to spoilers, he will be defeated by Luffy in a very satisfying manner.

When Luffy and Lucci Past Encounter

The Egghead Arc of One Piece seems to have been building up to this fight between Luffy and Lucci for a long time. Fans are interested because this will be the second time Luffy and Lucci fight. Even though Lucci knew how to use Haki, he had lost to Luffy in Ennies Lobby. But this happened after an epic battle in which the latter almost died.

One Piece 1069 Spoilers

Both Lucci and Luffy have become better at what they do. If he doesn’t have something amazing up his sleeve that he’s been keeping secret for so long, he should be scared.


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