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When Can You Watch Reborn Rich Episode 9 on Rakuten Viki?

The Reborn Rich Episode 9 release date has arrived, and we will keep you updated with all the newest information. This article will cover everything you may want before bingeing the following episode, such as a recap of Reborn Rich Episode 8 and instructions on how to watch Reborn Rich episodes online. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

As Chang-je investigates illicit real estate speculation in Soonyang, Chairman is well aware that he has been vanquished. Sung is the perpetrator, but Young assumes responsibility because she is aware that Sung-joon risks losing even more by inciting the chairman’s wrath. Jin is not deceived, despite his refusal to confess it immediately away.

Chairman Jin is doing everything he can to keep his condition hidden, even if the knowledge is hurting him from within and only one grandson truly believes in his capacity, and it isn’t Sung-Joon. This week, viewers also learned that Yoon, Joon’s father, is Jin’s secret love child and that the parents only adopted him to appear nice, despite the fact that everyone claims otherwise.

Despite Joon’s assertions that he has no desire to inherit Soonyang, Joon considers Joon a competitor. Do is gathering stations to populate Sangamdong’s Media City, but Sung-joon causes them to withdraw under Jin’s command. Do-joon convinces Chang to grant him the project if he is unable to recruit substitute broadcasters in time.

Release Date of Reborn Rich Episode 9 

Episode 9 of Reborn Rich will come out on December 9, 2022. Episode 9 of Reborn Rich will be shown on JTBC at around 10:30 p.m. KST, 10:30 p.m. JST, 7:00 p.m. IST, 8:30 a.m. EST, and 5:30 a.m. PT.


Recap of Reborn Rich Episode 9

Do-joon then receives a shocking offer from Hyunmin, who has connections and offers him a rich broadcasting network and the headquarters of her father’s newspaper. She desires Dojoon as a hostage in return for her husband, who is Dojoon. Despite their burning attraction and appealing proposition, Do-joon gently declines her offer.

Likewise, he leaves the event with the desire to see Min-Young again. They almost met paths on the street, but she quit her café job in order to focus on her studies. Sung-Joon is more than willing to wed that night, so Hyun-min does not delay in implementing Plan B. Whether out of jealousy or because she doesn’t want to miss the chance to marry into the Soon yang clan, Sung is not a factor in her decision.

Not even if he does it. Before the wedding, Sung catches her alone in the changing room to let her know that he understands she likes Do-Joon sincerely. Everyone is thrilled at the wedding of the couple. He is abhorrent, boasting that she cannot annul the marriage without harming her reputation; he then smiles again, leaving her weeping with wrath.

At the subsequent family gathering, Chairman Jin presents the newlyweds with his gift, which everyone expects Soonyang to share. Chairman Jin, however, has lost his temper with Dojoon, and all he can offer Sung is a single store. In addition, Soonyang will be passed on to whichever of his descendants proves to be the most competent.

Reborn Rich Episode 9

The birth order has been superseded by family strife. Sung-Joon approaches Do-joon straight and yanks him from his seat while displaying a menacing expression. Hyun-min simulates a faint before executing one. The diversion is successful, but she and Sung-Joon engage in another furious argument shortly thereafter.

Each of Jin’s three eldest children is given new assignments to display their abilities. When Hwa-Young decides to use her authority to humiliate Do’s mother, Do does what he does best: he utilizes his foresight to manipulate her into causing her own demise.

Because she needs cash, Do-joon convinces Hwa to invest in stocks that he predicts will soar to tremendous heights before falling. In addition, he proposes she sell a substantial amount of the stock before it hits its high. Hwa loses all control when she watches the steady increase of the stocks after she has sold her own. Because fear of missing out trumps sound judgment, she uses all of her business’s funds to make a second investment.

Where to Watch Reborn Rich Episode 9

Reborn Rich Episode 9

Reborn Rich Episode 9 will be available to watch on Rakuten Viki around the world at the times and dates listed above. Fans should double-check these times and dates before the episode comes out in their regions. At the same time, Reborn Rich Episode 9 will air on the JTBC in Korea.

Final Words

Episode 9 of Reborn Rich will come out on December 9, 2022. Episode 9 will be shown on JTBC at around 10:30 p.m. Korean time. There is a recap of Episode 8 and instructions on how to watch Reborn Rich episodes online. Reborn Rich Episode 9 picks up where the last episode left off.

Chairman Jin has lost his temper with Dojoon, and all he can offer Sung is a single store. Hwa-Young humiliates Do’s mother, and Do manipulates her into causing her own demise.

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