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‘Stranger Things 4’ Almost Killed Max: Will Max Appear in Season 5? 

Fans are still curious about what will happen to one of the show’s best characters now that Stranger Things Season 4 is over and the stage has been set for Vecna to wage war in the series’ final season.

Max Mayfield, portrayed by rising star Sadie Sink, served as the unexpected protagonist of the Netflix phenomenon’s new season since her sadness and guilt over Billy’s passing put the youngster in Vecna’s sights. Max had a highlight episode of her own in Episode 4 of Volume 1 that featured her tenacity and bravery in the face of the Upside Down’s ultimate Big Bad (and made us obsessed with Kate Bush).

In Volume 2, during the Hawkins crew’s major attempt to take down the bad guy, the redhead drew from her reservoir of bravery and her perilous relationship with Vecna. She ultimately discussed her conflicted emotions and grief over Billy’s murder in an emotional ending moment while luring the monster. She also managed to temporarily fend off the enemy in a non-musical way by recalling her favorite moment, which was spending time with Lucas at the middle school dance in Season 2.

Max, though, could only stave off the bad guy for so long. Even Eleven, who had entered Max’s consciousness to confront Vecna, was powerless to stop the demon from carrying out his ritual. Vecna’s grand plot was successful, but El was able to save Max, with varying degrees of success.

Did Max Die in Episode 9?

Yes, technically. Before Eleven summons her strength and blasts the monster away, Max starts to experience the horrific side effects of Vecna’s ritual, which include the victim’s bones shattering and eyes bleeding. Nancy’s squad flambes Vecna’s physical body in the Upside Down as Eleven thwarts him (though the monster disappears and survives the attack). Max already lacks vision and has broken all of her legs and arms when she gets knocked out of the trend.

‘Stranger Things 4’ Almost Killed Max

In a touching sequence, Max expresses her want to live by telling Lucas to “remain with me” while she is still conscious. Still, she does. Max’s heart stops for a full minute, as Lucas explains later, during which Vecna’s fourth gate is built and the wall separating Hawkins from the Upside Down is torn down.

While Max is dying, Eleven remains at her side in the Void (the dark mental realm that El accesses when she uses the sensory deprivation tank). She places her palm on Max’s chest and remembers their best times together since she isn’t ready to lose her friend. Max is in a coma in a Hawkins hospital room when we next see her.

Is-max Alive at the End of Season 4?

Yes, physically. Max is shown with casts on her arms and legs, and Lucas informs his pals that she is unconscious. Max is alive at the end of Season 4 but “brain dead, blind, and all of her bones are broken,” according to the Duffer brothers.

Where the redhead is mentally is the major puzzle. Later, when Eleven goes into the Void to look for Max, she only finds darkness. There is no response when she yells Max’s name.

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We are unsure if El was able to revive Max from the dead or if she was merely able to restart her body’s heart. Hopefully, the season after will provide a solution to the question of whether Max’s soul is still alive.

Will Max Appear in Season 5?

Max must appear in Season 5, even though the cast and crew are abiding by their no-spoilers rule. Despite not having been a program staple from the beginning, she is now an essential component. Even Sink doesn’t currently know what will happen to her character.

“I have no idea where we’re heading or how Max is doing. It’s undeniably uncertain at the moment “According to the actress, Entertainment Weekly. “I’m just as eager to learn where Max is and how she is doing as everyone else is,” I said.

‘Stranger Things 4’ Almost Killed Max

In an interview with Vulture, Sink expressed her aspirations for the character, stating that if Max came back, she would have “a lot of fight in her.”

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She declared, “I think she’s at a point where she really wants to fight.” “She was prepared to die and make the ultimate sacrifice when she delivered that monologue in episode nine. She was brutally and heartbreakingly determined to make that sacrifice despite being aware that there was no chance in hell that she would escape alive.”

Added, “If she is still alive, she is undoubtedly very angry and very determined to fight. So that’s where I’m placing my hopes for Max in season five.”

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