Who is Anne Heche: Was She High at the Time of the Accident?

Anne Heche died in a car crash in California on August 5. The final autopsy report found that she was not impaired at the time of the crash, even though she had traces of cocaine in her system.

Sarah Ardalani, a spokeswoman for the Los Angeles County Coroner, said, “There was no evidence that illegal drugs were affecting the driver at the time of the crash.”

Who is Anne Heche

Heche, who is 53 years old, was seriously hurt when her blue Mini Cooper crashed into a Mar Vista home and started a huge fire. The swelling of her brain caused “severe anoxic brain damage,” which is what the doctors called the cause of her death. On August 11, it was said that she had died, and the next day, her life support was turned off.

It took more than 30 minutes for the fire department to get to Heche and get her out of the burning car. The autopsy report, which came out on Tuesday, said that Heche had burns of the first degree on almost 40% of her body.

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The coroner’s report says that Heche had no alcohol in his system when the accident happened. But very small amounts of benzoylecgonine, which is the main metabolite of cocaine, were found in the actor’s blood.


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So, Heche had probably used cocaine before, but not right before the accident.

Heche had fentanyl in her body, according to a toxicology study, but it was “obtained after she got treatment at the hospital and is consistent with therapeutic use.”

The report said that cannabis was found in a sample of Heche’s urine, even though it “was not found in the admission blood and was consistent with use in the past, but not at the time of the injury.”

After Heche’s life support was turned off, it didn’t take long for the coroner to figure out that her death was an accident.

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The renter of the Mar Vista home where Heche’s car crashed has sued the actor’s estate for $2 million. The crash didn’t hurt the woman or her pets, but she lost her home and most of her things.

Anne Heche Autopsy Result

At first, Anne Heche’s death was thought to have been caused by burns and suffocation, but the Los Angeles County Department of Medical Examiner later said that the autopsy report showed no signs of illegal drugs at the time of her death.

The presence of cocaine-like benzoylecgonine in the toxicology report showed that the person had used drugs in the past. Cannabinoids were also found in a sample of Heche’s urine, but not in her blood. But the test might have only shown that Anne Heche used marijuana in the past.


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Later, it was found that the fentanyl in her body was the same drug that she had been given at the hospital after the accident. So, Heche couldn’t have had any alcohol in her system.

When drugs were found in the blood of Anne Heche, an investigation was started. But, once again, it was because of medical help.

Was She High at the Time of the Accident?

One witness said that Anne Heche was stuck in her blue Mini Cooper, which was on fire. Manpearl said that the scene made him think that the woman in the car was dead, so he didn’t think she would get out of the burning car alive. He also said that he couldn’t save her because she died in the car before the fire department got there.

Manpearl, Heche’s 58-year-old neighbor, saw Heche’s car going too fast down a narrow road. A security camera in a nearby house also took a picture of how fast the car was going.

The police say that Anne Heche crashed into a building and then drove away after people told her to get out of her car. After that, she kept going as fast as she could and hit a second house.

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When the car’s speed tripled, Manpearl began to wonder if something was wrong with her or with the car. Police found no evidence that the driver had changed lanes or slowed down. When Manpearl got to the scene a few seconds later, the car he had seen had crashed through the front of a house and was now about fifty feet inside.

Heche couldn’t be saved, but Manpearl was able to help a local woman and her two pets who were lost in the rubble. At first, it was hard for Manpearl to figure out who was driving the vehicle.

He couldn’t tell if it was a man or a woman because there was so much damage. At one point, Anne Heche needed his help, but he wasn’t able to give it to her. Since the fire had already burned down more than half of the car, it was very unlikely that anyone other than a trained professional could save anyone from the flames.

The homeowner says that she and her cats had just left the living room when the actress pulled up in her Mini Cooper.


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The coroner decided that her broken sternum, which made it hard for her to breathe, was the cause of her death. The damage was done by being in the closed car for a long time with the toxic fumes. After her injuries were so bad that she went into a coma on August 11, she was officially ruled brain dead.

Heche was kept alive by a life-support system so that the OneLegacy Foundation could have more time to find a good organ donor. On August 14, however, the foundation decided to stop trying to help Heche and turned off the machine.

Since ancient times, there has been a legal battle over her wealth. Lynne Michele’s house had a lot of damage from Heche’s crash, which she paid for. She has been asking for $2,000,000 in damages for causing her mental distress on purpose, being careless, and trespassing.

Does she die

In August of last year, Anne Heche died tragically when her car crashed into a structure and then a house, causing the car to catch fire. Anne Heche was trapped in the burning vehicle for thirty minutes before she was rescued.

Her upper body was also severely burned, including her face, neck, arms, and shoulders. David Manpearl, the first responder, allegedly attempted to enter the building through the back door and save her, but the rapid spread of the fire prohibited him from doing so. Her brain exhibited additional symptoms of hypoxia-related damage in addition to those already mentioned.

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