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Who is Jovit Baldivino: What is the Cause of His Death?

Jovit Baldivino, a well-known singer and actor, was killed suddenly on December 9, 2022, at the age of 29. Baldivino passed away a few days after his appearance on Family Feud Philippines.

Hilario, the father of Baldivino, revealed that his son passed away due to complications from a stroke. He also added that the family would never be able to heal from the loss, but that they will always love him.

The sudden death at the age of twenty-nine of a Filipino singer who had throngs of followers all over the world due to his mesmerizing skill is truly a shocking piece of news.

Doctors confirmed Jovit Baldivino’s death at 4:00 a.m. on December 9, 2022, after he had been in a coma for days. Let’s take a comprehensive look at what transpired with this spectacular artist and the cause of his passing, as the world is completely bewildered by this tragic news.

Who is Jovit Baldivino?

As we are all familiar with the handsome and charismatic Filipino singer and resonant actor Jovit Baldivino, his untimely and unexpected death has shaken the globe to its core. Since the news surfaced, his friends and followers have been devastated by this completely unexpected development.

In 2010, Jovit Baldivino was the first winner of the extraordinarily successful talent competition Pilipinas Got Talent.

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He was born into a substandard household in the Batangas suburbs. Jovit Baldivino needed to sell siomai in a market after school to support his education and provide for his needy family.

In addition to continuing his education, he joined the debut season of Philippines Got Talent to lift his impoverished family out of poverty. It may sound little, but at the time, Jovit Baldivino ardently thought that receiving two million pesos as a prize from the show would make his dream a reality.


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Consequently, he entered Batangas State University and majored in Criminology, balancing his family’s financial support with his education. Jovit Baldivino wished to become an accomplished attorney like his uncle.

After that, in early 2020, Jovit Baldivino released two songs with the titles Pusong Bato and Ika’y Mahal Pa Rin, both of which were popular at the time. Soon after gaining fame, he became one of the most captivating talents in the industry.

Following the success of their previous singles, they attempted their next experiment by combining K-pop songs such as Psycho, What Is Love, Ice Cream, and Dynamite with Red Velvet, TWICE, Blackpink, and BTS. Moreover, to create a fantastic wave on the Internet, they released a remix of Justin Bieber’s Baby by combining it with Ika’y Mahal Pa Rin, which had a tremendous impact on social media.

Filipino netizens were intrigued by this new enthralling work in which each of Jovit’s songs had a spectacular effect and the blending of the songs made for humorous results.

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Shara Chavez, Jovit Baldivino’s fiancée, was in a relationship with him until she caught him with another woman, whom she nicknamed the ‘Homewrecker of the Year’ after seeing them together. As a result, the relationship ended. In addition, the former couple had a son named Akoya, who was born in July 2016.

Jovit Baldivino’s Cause Of Death

The death of the extraordinarily gifted Jovit Baldivino at the age of twenty-nine remains shocking news. So, according to sources, the remarkable vocalist was reportedly confined to ICU and later died of an aneurysm.

When we investigate more, we discover that the singer was invited by a family friend to perform at an event while he was recovering from acute hypertension and on medications. His bereaved family and girlfriend Camille Ann Miguel informed him that his physicians had instructed him to refrain from singing throughout his recovery; instead, he simply gave in to the crowd’s demands without concern for his health.


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Jovit Baldivino sang three wonderful signature songs with such fervor that he struggled for air during the third one. On December 3, 2022, he was brought to the nearest hospital, which was the Nazareth of Jesus Hospital, within an hour of his face becoming twisted and saliva dripping down.

The CT scan revealed a blood clot in the brain, which was quite alarming to his bewildered family after a battery of tests. The blood clot was suctioned as soon as possible at approximately 2:00 a.m. on December 4, and he remained comatose for the following five days. Unfortunately, he passed away on December 9, 2022, at the age of twenty-nine, when he was still quite youthful and vigorous.

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As the tragic news spread, a flood of tributes emerged. He was advancing his profession at a rapid rate as a phenomenal singer with exceptional abilities. Now, however, he was forced to abandon all of his successes amid his journey and take an untimely exit from this world.

His bereaved family, friends, and girlfriend are battling arduously to adjust to a position they never envisaged. He had abandoned his family in a dense forest where they could no longer hear his singing or laughter.

Jovit Baldivino Died After Suffering a Stroke

According to his father, Jovit died as a result of complications from a moderate hemorrhagic stroke. Last month, he suffered a second stroke but was able to recuperate after being hospitalized.

Jovit’s father broke the news by stating that his son suffered a stroke while performing at a Batangas City Christmas celebration. According to Hilario, after performing three songs, Jovit fell ill and was rushed to the Jesus of Nazareth Hospital. However, he did into a coma.


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Following his hospitalization, the musician Limuel Llanes posted a message on social media asking for prayers. He also requested financial assistance and continued:

“He underwent a successful procedure and is attempting to fight for his life while in a coma. In the name of his family and loved ones, I support extending the life of my friend.”
However, because Jovit’s medical history is lacking at this time, it is impossible to determine if he has experienced additional health problems in the past.

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