In The Walking Dead, When Does Carl Grimes Pass Away?

With the conclusion of season 11, The Walking Dead will finish. Since the show has been a staple of television for the past 12 years, its conclusion marks the unmistakable end of an era.

If you haven’t watched the show in a while and are checking in for season 11, you might have noticed that it has a somewhat different aesthetic. Formerly present characters are no longer present (including the leading man himself Andrew Lincoln who played Rick Grimes).

Chandler Riggs, who played Carl Grimes for a large portion of the duration of The Walking Dead, is another name we haven’t seen in a while. Unfortunately, the likelihood of Carl coming up in the eleventh season is small considering the character was killed off some time ago.

Here is what you need to know if you’re just getting caught up and want to learn more about Carl’s demise.

Who is Carl Grims?

Rick Grimes, the main character of The Walking Dead, has a son named Carl. He has a sister named Judith Grimes and Lori Grimes is his mother. He is modeled after the same-named comic book character from The Walking Dead comic book series.

As a young youngster who survived the Atlanta zombie outbreak and escaped with his mother and Shane, a friend of his father’s, Carl makes his first appearance in the series premiere. He initially thinks that his father is gone, but in a moving scene later in season 1, they are reunited.

Carl develops into a hardened young man until his passing in season 8, as the show goes on and he loses his mother and numerous other members of his community.

In The Walking Dead, When Does Carl Grimes Pass Away?

In season 8 of The Walking Dead, Carl passes away. He dies from a walker bite, which the young hero unluckily receives after assisting Siddiq in paying tribute to his mother by murdering walkers in the hopes that their souls would be freed.

The deadly bite is not immediately apparent to the spectator, despite the fact that the expression on his face as it occurs makes it obvious that something is wrong. In the midseason finale of season 8 (episode 8), “How it’s Gotta Be,” we get the answer when a visibly frail Carl diverts the Saviors and saves the Alexandrians. The walker bite is still visible on his belly when Rick and Michonne arrive, just as it is for us.

When Does Carl Grimes Pass Away

It turns out that Carl spent his last day penning letters to the people he cared about, sharing his hopes and goals for the future, including the possibility of life beyond death and the end of the conflict with the Saviors. He desired Negan to have the same.

In the midseason premiere of season 8 (episode 9), “Honor,” Carl dies after sincerely expressing his love for his father Rick, stepmother Michonne, and sister Judith.

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Carl played a crucial role in putting an end to the battle by persuading Rick and Negan that there was a better way to live—a peaceful one. It goes without saying that his presence on the show is still missed, and it is simple to understand why the decision to kill him off continues to be so divisive.

Why Did Chandler Riggs Leave The Role And Carl Die?

Carl’s demise was predetermined by the writers, not the actor, claims Riggs’ father. In a now-deleted Facebook comment, Riggs’ father stated, “Just to be clear once and for all: Chandler didn’t want to quit the show.”

The actor was “devastated” to hear of his leaving, he added, him. After his final moments were broadcast, Riggs spoke about leaving the show.

The TWD star revealed at the San Jose Fan Fest: “Not only did Carl pass away, but I also left the show and moved on to other things. “So, leaving the show in the first place was significant for the entire cast and crew as well as for me; it was a major event for all of us.

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“Yeah, it sucked and there were a lot of long days, but I’m extremely thrilled with how it ended out, with my performances, and with how I left the show,” she said.

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