Stranger Things Season 4: Does “Will” Die in Season 4?

The Duffer Brothers’ Stranger Things made its Netflix debut in 2016 and became one of the service’s most anticipated original series. The rest, as they say, is history, making it the streamer’s most significant occurrence to date.

However, there has been a lot of heartache along the way, and there have been several moments where fans have been moved to tears. The series’ most horror-influenced season to date comes to a close with some of the most heartbreaking episodes yet.

Let’s talk about the character whose fate is currently causing fans to express concern. Will die in season four of Stranger Things?

Does Will Die in Season 4 of Stranger Things?

No, Will Byers does not pass away in Stranger Things season 4, and he is still alive at the end of part 2’s The Piggyback epilogue.

Despite some predictions that it would be Noah Schnapp’s turn to depart, there are some significant character deaths that will surprise viewers.

Does Will Die in Season 4 in stranger things

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Will has been a key figure on Stranger Things from the start and has had many close calls with death over the years, falling victim to the Mind Flayer and other dangers. However, Noah will return to the adored part in the future.

Is Stranger Things Will Return for a Fifth Season?

Yes, Stranger Things will return for a fifth and final season on Netflix. Director and executive producer Shawn Levy stated to The Hollywood Reporter that “ending next season is all about concluding strong.”

We want to leave as soon as we can see our road clearly and confidently since we have fantastic plans for season 5. So, season 5 will undoubtedly be fantastic.

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