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Manifest Season 4 : Does Zeke Dies in Season 4 ?

We are gradually accepting the devastating news that NBC has canceled Manifest as each day goes by. But the reality that we might never fully understand Zeke’s fate, one of the show’s central characters, is something we’re still having trouble understanding (Matt Long).n

Zeke’s journey has perhaps more than any other character on the show baffled and surprised audiences. He was chosen for resurrection and pulled to the Callings despite not being on Flight 828, therefore this is probably why his backstory is unlike any other character’s (a.k.a. visions and voices that prompt action).

When we first meet Zeke, we see him purchasing a magazine with a homage to Flight 828 on the front cover. Zeke unexpectedly runs into a nasty blizzard while hiking while hanging onto the magazine. He takes out the magazine and utilizes an image of Michaela Stone (Melissa Roxburgh) as a means of staying alive while trying to remain warm and survive in a cave.

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Despite the fact that Zeke died from exposure in the cave, along with the other 828 travelers, he was revived a year later. Zeke is fortunately given a respite when Cal (Jack Messina), Michaela’s nephew, decides to assist him. This results in Michaela and Zeke running into each other and starting a journey together that involves romance, Callings, and attempting to figure out.

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Zeke Dies in Season 4 of Manifest, or Not?

Yes, Zeke did tragically perish in season 4 of Manifest.

Despite the fact that the character has already passed away twice in the course of the show, showrunner Jeff Rake assured TVInsider that “Zeke is actually dead” this time. Cal Stone’s incurable cancer reappears in season 4 with a vengeance, and by episode 10, it appears as though he may pass away from the condition.

Does Zeke Dies in manifest Season 4

Zeke comes to the conclusion during season 4 that Cal’s understanding of the Callings may be the only thing that might help individuals avoid their Death Dates. Zeke discovers that while the Omega Sapphire’s healing powers were unable to alleviate Cal’s plight, his own sympathetic power might.

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Zeke must, however, give up himself in order to rescue Cal by absorbing Cal’s leukemia into his own body, which he does much to Michaela’s despair, who runs back to be with him as he passes away.

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