Fans Are Obsessed With Kishibe, Denji, and Aki’s Emotions in Chainsaw Man Episode 10!

Chainsaw Man episode 10 came out on Tuesday, December 13, 2022, which made fans all over the world very happy and excited. Some viewers didn’t like that the episode moved slowly and didn’t have much action, but the vast majority of fans liked how character-driven it was, especially when it came to Aki and Denji.

Fans are also crazy about the first appearance of Kishibe, Denji, and Power’s new teacher, who unfortunately isn’t named in Episode 10. Still, everyone seems to know his name because his debut and what he will do next have been talked about in interesting ways on social media sites.

Fans Admire Chainsaw Man Episode 10 for Taking a Step Back.

Fans focused heavily on Aki and Denji’s feelings throughout the entire program. While the latter just has one brief moment when he grapples with his sadness or lack thereof and whether or not he is still human, Aki’s emotions are the episode’s constant emphasis. Upon meeting Himeno’s sister, he proceeds to read Himeno’s letters to her, which reveal that she has always wished to protect Aki.

Upon reading this, he becomes quite emotional, expressing how much he cared about Himeno and how significant her death is to him in light of these insights. It’s a heartbreaking scene that demonstrates to the audience precisely what Himeno saw in Aki: that he’s too normal, compassionate, and good to be working in Public Safety. This contradicts Kurose’s assertion that all members of the Special Division are insane.

Fans are also anticipating Kishibe’s introduction in Chainsaw Man episode 10 as a rabid dog determined to make Denji and Power the most formidable combatants possible. Fans are particularly evaluating the brutality of his methods, which has an intriguing correlation with his monotonous voice and manner.

Nonetheless, fans are ecstatic with how MAPPA Studios has performed its official introduction to the series.

Overview of Chainsaw Man Episode 10

Chainsaw Man Episode 10 began with Denji and Power leaving Aki to rest after he wakes up in the hospital where he is getting better. The fan favorite then asks the Curse Devil how long he has left. The Curse Devil tells him that he has two years left. He then tries to smoke a cigarette, but he starts crying because Himeno has just died.

Chainsaw Man episode 10

This makes Denji think about how he feels about Himeno’s death, to the point where he says that both his physical and figurative hearts have died. But he brushes it off quickly and tells Power to come with him as Kurose and Tendo from Kyoto come to talk to Aki. They basically tell him to quit and enjoy the time he has left. Aki doesn’t want to do this, so Tendo and Kurose tell him he will need new weapons for what’s coming.

Then, in Chainsaw Man episode 10, Makima introduces Denji and Power to Kishibe, and Kishibe starts training them right away. He breaks their necks, heals them, and then fights them, but wins easily. The episode then goes back to Aki’s hospital room, where Tendo and Kurose tell him that the Fox Devil won’t help him anymore and that he needs to make a new deal.

Before going, the two inform Aki that they would return tomorrow with documentation, causing an unidentified woman to enter his room. However, before viewers find out who it is, the program turns back to Denji and Power, who are informed by Kishibe that their night is over. The two then aim to outwit Kishibe since they feel alcohol has impaired his intelligence.


Chainsaw Man Episode 10 Release Date: When It Will Be Renewed?

The following day, they unsuccessfully attempt to ambush Kishibe, forcing episode 10 of Chainsaw Man to shift its focus to Kurose, Tendo, and Aki. The three are on their way to the location where Devils are held, with Aki stating that the woman is Himeno’s sister. As the episode concludes, they arrive in cell 108, where Aki is instructed to enter and sign a contract with the Future Devil.

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