Tate Might Be the Next Person to Die in Yellowstone: Is It True or Not?

After a sad and emotional start to Yellowstone’s fifth season, fans are starting to wonder if we will lose another important member of the Dutton family.

Something special (or tragic) about Taylor Sheridan‘s writing in the Dutton universe is that he doesn’t shy away from deep and life-changing heartache. In the first episode of season five of everyone’s favorite cowboy drama, Monica, Kayce, and Tate Dutton lost a child. This was a sudden and devastating blow to their hearts.

Now that fans have seen a creepy preview of the next Yellowstone episode, they wonder if the family is getting ready for more heartache without knowing it. Could Kayce and Monica lose something else that would change who they are at their core? If so, how would they get through it?

We’re looking into these questions and the most important one: Will Tate Dutton die in season five? You know what to do. Grab your best friend who also loves Yellowstone and your favorite drink, and let’s ride in.

Is Tate Alive or  Not?

Tate has so far survived the story, so fans can now sigh with relief. He’s gone through a lot, including experiences that most adults would find difficult to endure, but he still has a childish aspect and an unfathomable love for life.


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Although many children are resilient, Tate is a figure who fundamentally personifies it. He has been abducted, brainwashed, and even shot a man in self-defense while defending his mother.

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Tate has found refuge and comfort in the land, in those who live at the ranch, and in special times with his grandfather, John, even if his upbringing was far from idyllic.

First Tragedy In Season 5

She informs her spouse that she is in some discomfort due to her pregnancy during a call between Monica and Kayce in the season opener. Although their son won’t be delivered for another few weeks, Monica feels she needs to go to the hospital. He promptly assures her that he would send an ambulance to meet her even if Kayce isn’t at home.

What follows ought to be lovely: A mother and her son are on their way to meet an ambulance when it becomes apparent that they will be gaining a new member for their family. Despite the strong emotions caused by his early arrival and the advances in medicine, everyone should have been fine. What actually occurred was tragic. Fans were uncertain as to who would survive a tragic accident.


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After hearing all of that, supporters speculated that the family might be ready for yet another tragic loss.

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John Dutton is seen rushing to the hospital, and Tate tells the staff there that John was his brother, “at least for an hour.” Embrace the sobs.

Tate had been anticipating the birth of a sibling, and not just Kayce and Monica will feel the loss of Tate for a very long time. Tate will be left wondering what would have happened to his younger brother as we see his parents mourn.

Tate Might Be the Next Person to Die in Yellowstone.

The ranch workers and the Dutton family were preparing to face a taxing spring gathering. The run-up to the big trip was humorous in some instances, heartwarming in others, and downright vicious in a brawl between Summer and Beth, but all of that came together to let the audience know that emotions were high.

The journey should be straightforward enough, but in Yellowstone, nothing is ever straightforward enough. After the episode ended, viewers were given a sneak preview of the next one, which helped us understand the gravity of what the Duttons were going through. Fans also had a glimpse of John holding a person with brown wavy hair as they gazed at the Dutton graveyard at the ranch, blood on one of the stones, and some of our favorite characters in tears.

Given that his physique and hair resemble one of Tate or Carter, many questions if he might be holding one of them. Could John be holding Tate, who is hurt, if it were Tate? We’re also scratching our heads over the possibility that someone might not survive this ride because of the medic helicopter in the sneak look.

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Looking at the wider picture, we hope that Kayce and Monica will be able to find some relief from the grief of loss, especially the death of a kid, so if the scenario previews that, we’re hoping Tate only needs a special moment with his grandfather.

Additionally, we wish for no more fatalities at the spring meeting. John requires the full cooperation of his family and team were given the course of events.

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