Dansby Swanson Wedding: Soccer Star Mallory Pugh, and Dansby Swanson Get Married in a Dream Ceremony!

Dansby Swanson, an All-Star shortstop, and Mallory Pugh, a star for the U.S. women’s national soccer team, officially joined the group on Saturday. Individuals say that the wedding took place at the Ritz Carlton Reynolds Lake Oconee in Greensboro, Georgia.

“It’s so strange to get married in front of our family and friends,” the couple said. “It means that we are becoming one and can work together to change God’s kingdom.”

Both the bride and her soon-to-be-husband posted photos from their big day on Instagram.

They Got Engaged Last December and Planned Their Wedding

In a May interview with Sports Range for a magazine called Late Spring 2022, Pugh talked about a conversation she had with Swanson when they were just getting to know each other. She told him that the only way the relationship was going to work was if God was at the center of it.

“When Dansby and I first started dating, I told him that if we were going to be a thing and have a future together, Jesus and God are our foundation,” Pugh said. “When I think about the past four and a half years, I’m amazed at how much our confidence has grown on both sides.”

In 2022, the Chicago Red Stars forward was one of three finalists for Public Ladies’ Soccer Association MVP. She had a season with 11 goals and six assists. She also helped the United States win the CONCACAF W Title in the middle of the year.


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Her career year came right after a very hard year in 2021 when she got hurt and had to miss the Tokyo Olympics. All of Pugh’s disappointments and dissatisfactions led her to a place where she gave up.

“One thing I learned during this whole process of finding myself again on the field and also the deep growth I’ve had is to just let God take care of everything,” she told Sports Range. “I’m going to give Him everything and do anything He wants me to do.”

Swanson is also coming off a career year in which he was named a Top Pick and won a Gold Glove while playing in all 162 games for the Atlanta Outcomes. He is a free agent right now, which is a first in his career.

The former No. 1 pick in the general draught went on the Games Range Podcast in January to talk about what it’s like to win the World Cup and how important it is to let God guide every part of his life.

Swanson said on the podcast, “He’s the one leading, and I’m just the one leading on earth.” “In any case, He’s leading through me, and I feel like that’s kind of the test for me as I fill out my otherworldly relationship with Him and as I fill out my relationships with Mallory and my loved ones.”

There is Now a Binding Agreement Between Dansby Swanson and Mallory Pugh

In a ceremony at Lake Oconee, soccer player Mallory Pugh and Dansby Swanson exchange vows. According to Pople, the shortstop and the star of the U.S. Ladies’ Public Group soccer team got married at the Ritz Carlton Reynolds in a “charmed rustic” ceremony.

Swanson, age 28, and Pugh, age 24, have been dating since at least 2017, per ESPN. Early in December 2021, they became engaged.

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People described how Swanson and Pugh’s wedding reception was “cutting edge,” with food stations set up all night long, and how, in true Georgia fashion, Waffle House catered the event.

The pair told Individuals, “To get married before our loved ones are very unique.” “It means we’re joining together and having an impact on God’s kingdom as one.”

The couple wanted their ceremony to have a fantastical feel, so they had a white dance floor laid down, lights in the shape of gold stars, and a botanical installation made of white wisteria and other plants. “work of art and immortal contacts” were a part of the “contemporary and rich pre-marriage ceremony,” which was decorated with flowers, designs, and a stylish arrangement that included strong contrasts.

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Invitations, napkins, the DJ booth, and photo backdrops all had a monogram of the initials “M” and “D” as well.

One of Swanson and Pugh’s stated goals for the reception was to “get everybody on the dance floor the entire evening.” To further flaunt their dance skills, the duo switched to personalized Nikes.

Greensboro’s Ritz-Carlton Reynolds Lake Oconee Hosted the Weekend’s Worship Service on Saturday

“It’s so unusual to get married before our families,” Pugh and Swanson told an elite magazine. “It means that we are becoming one and can work together to change God’s kingdom.”

Shawne Jacobs, who is in charge of creativity at Anne Barge Marriage Atelier in Atlanta, and Pugh worked together to make the bride’s hand-made dress. The designer wrote in a public statement that Pugh’s “mermaid outfit with an off-the-shoulder, plunging V neckline is both modern and provocative in a complex, exquisite way.”

“Precious stone cut sequins, glass seed pearls, and iridescent cornet globules are spread across the body of the outfit and the long, deception sleeves to add a touch of shimmer without being too much. A deception-length tulle ribbon shroud adds the finishing flourish.


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People thought the party had a “captivated timberland” theme, but the goal of the party was for “everyone to be on the dance floor the whole night.” Shoe Specialists made the bride and groom-to-be custom Nikes for dancing, and Pugh gave her bridesmaids Flying corps Ones.

Food options were also more open, including grilled chicken, pimento mac and cheese, collard greens, grilled okra, creamed corn goulash, and grilled catfish.

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Individuals say that the desserts included a homemade peach shoemaker, frozen banana pudding, and a champagne cake with Tahitian vanilla mousse, strawberries, and vanilla margarine cream. The food for the party came from Waffle House.

We Loved Having Everyone in One Place to Party, Dance, and Share

ATLANTA — An Atlanta Conquers old neighborhood star and a professional soccer player for the U.S. Ladies’ Public Group said “I do” at the end of the week.

Dansby Swanson grew up in Kennesaw. He married Mallory Pugh, who plays soccer for the Public Ladies’ Soccer Association’s Chicago Red Stars.


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Individuals Magazine says that they got married at the Ritz Carlton Reynolds Lake Oconee in Greensboro, Georgia, on Saturday. The two most common photos that people choose to post on their Instagram pages.


Dansby Swanson, the shortstop for the Atlanta Conquerors, could still plan his baseball future, but his future is set now that he married Mallory Pugh, a player for the Chicago Red Stars, at the end of last week.

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