Parab Tribal Festival: Where to Celebrate This Festival?

The annual Parab tribal festival also referred to as the “Festival of Festivals,” is a celebration of the rich cultural heritage that various tribal communities in Odisha have inherited. In particular, it takes place in the Koraput region of Odisha. The festival, which was started in 1996 by the District Council of Koraput, is now renowned for its extensive cultural display.

Parab Tribal Festival In 2022

At the festival, a variety of tribal groups can be seen displaying their artwork. Numerous activities are planned for both tourists and residents, including quiz shows, book fairs, art exhibitions, and lectures.

The Festival has grown tremendously popular over the years, and during the festival, guests from all over the world congregate here. Visitors get a wonderful opportunity to experience the festival’s rich culture, traditions, rituals, art forms, and craftsmanship.

The Parab Festival is very important to the tribal communities in Odisha since it offers even the smallest tribal groups in the state a stage. Due to the celebration, these tribal communities are able to maintain their cultural identity to the utmost extent.

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Along with giving tribal tribes a stage to display their rich art and culture, the festival also brings the communities together and fosters interaction. As the festival slowly gains both national and international attention, it will soon be on the verge of becoming a national event.

Where to Celebrate?

The annual Parab Tribal Festival is often held in the Orissan district of Koraput. It was started in 1996, and the Koraput district council deserves credit for organizing it. Also referred to as the festival of festivals, it offers both locals and visitors a wonderful chance to get a peek at the rich cultural history of the numerous tribal people who call the great state of Orissa home.

It displays both the traditional ways of the many tribes as well as their arts and crafts. The finest thing about the Parab Tribal Festival is that it gives even the smaller tribal tribes in Orissa, who have different cultural beliefs and perspectives, a chance to be seen and heard, contributing to the preservation of their native culture. The celebration becomes so well-known throughout the time that it is almost ready to be named a national holiday.

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The distinctive cultural events that make up this joyous occasion’s highlights include essay and debate competitions, seminars, book fairs, quiz shows, and boat races, as well as art exhibitions, poetry contests, folk music, and dance performances, among others.

The public was previously unaware of many specific art styles until they were made public through art exhibitions. At the gram panchayat, block, and district levels, several cultural competitions and programs are held.

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