You Season 3: Does Theo Die in You?

The third season of You has finally arrived, and with it, some of the show’s wildest and most bizarre episodes yet. These are the kinds of episodes that keep fans on the edge of their seats and make them want to watch “just one more episode” repeatedly.

Theo, played by Dylan Arnold, the stepson of Love and Joe’s new neighbor, is one of many new characters that will be introduced at the start of a new season. Theo is swiftly forced into the center of the most bizarre plot this season because, of course, this being You, there is more to him than first appears.

There will be spoilers on this page, so if you haven’t had a chance to watch the third season of You, you might want to bookmark this page and check back later. When Theo and Love first met, it was obvious that Theo would cause problems for Love since the college student turned on the charm and a fling between the two began.

The lines between right and wrong quickly become blurred when Love devises a scheme to “fake” feelings for Theo in order to win his trust and assist her in discovering what information his nosy stepdad might have on her and Love — you know, fearing it could be used against them in the murder of Natalie.

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This strategy appears to be more successful than anticipated, possibly because Love starts feeling something for Theo along the road, and their relationship quickly progresses from flirty to intimate.

You Season 3: Does Theo Die in You?

Theo is one of the fortunate ones to survive the season, but that doesn’t mean he escapes unharmed! In You season 3, it was initially looking as though Theo was going to pass away.

At the season’s halfway point, Theo arrives at Love’s bakery and finds Sherry and Cary imprisoned in the cage down in the basement. Theo looks for the key to the cage in an effort to release the two after Sherry and Cary drop some serious truth bombs on him.

You Season 3: Does Theo Die in You?

Sadly, Love shows up there, Theo approaches her, and Love hits him over the head with a fire extinguisher, sending him crashing down the stars. Theo is implied to be Love’s newest victim as a pool of blood quickly forms around him.

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But we learn that Theo survived Love’s assault in the season 3 finale. In a turn we definitely didn’t expect, Joe decides to take him to a nearby hospital rather than continuing the job Love started since he feels sorry for him.

Theo made it to the hospital in time, and as the episode comes to a close, we find that he will heal fully from his wounds, paving the possibility for his return in subsequent seasons.

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