Bray Wyatt and Uncle Howdy Make a Spooky WWE Debut Together on Smackdown

Viewers got their first glimpse of Uncle Howdy on the most recent episode of WWE SmackDown. Undoubtedly, the ugly, Night King-like character will actively take part in the production of the Wyatt 6.

Most people believe that Uncle Howdy represents Bray Wyatt’s inner devil or altered personality. Occasionally, Wyatt can completely take control by releasing an evil ego that is buried deep inside of him.

On WWE SmackDown, this was illustrated when the lights went out and a mysterious figure criticized Wyatt for hiding his actual self by interrupting him.

“Who am I? Of course, I’m just a ghost of the man who cured the world. You are a fool. You cured the world. You sent him away. And now, the reason why you are just a shell of who you once were. I will teach you to revel in what you are. But you, sir, you are a liar. You claim not to wear a mask, but we both know that’s not true, don’t we? You will never be able to hide from me.” 

The company seems to be emphasizing Wyatt’s internal struggles between the good and the bad. Uncle Howdy represents the latter in person.

Like before, the 35-year-old exhibits two sides of himself: one wants him to embrace his darker side and become The Fiend, while the other wants him to be weak and understanding.

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The most recent WWE SmackDown promo had Wyatt giving further details about his situation. Before Uncle Howdy came, he spoke into the microphone about his problems and recalled being in a “dark place.”

“My emotions don’t work like most other people’s. I don’t always have control. Sometimes, they can send me to a very dark place. Other times, I don’t feel anything at all…A part of me really likes that I’m willing to do some truly awful things.”

According to another theory, Uncle Howdy is a different individual. He is the source of Bray Wyatt’s superhuman talents, and he chastises him for hiding his vicious side while pleading with him to adopt his demonic character.

Who is Uncle Howdy?

On social media, there are numerous bizarre tales concerning Uncle Howdy’s identity. Regardless of what the two personalities believe, the star playing the creepy gimmick is connected to Bray Wyatt in the eyes of the public.

The most popular theory is that Bo Dallas, Wyatt’s biological brother, could be Uncle Howdy. According to rumors, Mr. NXT will soon make a comeback and appear alongside his brother Bray on WWE SmackDown.

Another creative theory connects Barry Windham, Bray’s “uncle” and a former NWA World Champion, to the most recent mystery investigation. Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful noted that Barry’s facial features and mustache mirror Howdy’s.

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It is also said that Tyler Bateman, a rising star in independent companies and NJPW, is connected to Wyatt. He took part in the WWE tryouts for 2018.

Bray Wyatt and Uncle Howdy Make a Spooky WWE Debut Together on Smackdown

When Bray Wyatt’s Uncle Howdy first appeared on camera, the WWE Universe was already unsure of what to make of him, but weeks later, fans are still baffled as to who this person is and whether or not Wyatt was actually hiding behind a mask. After being abducted, LA Knight believed that.

However, when Wyatt was called out on tonight’s SmackDown, fans saw that Wyatt was not wearing the mask. Instead, Uncle Howdy made his in-person SmackDown debut, which you can watch in the post below.

Wyatt accepted the call after LA Knight said he could wear any mask or costume he desired before emerging to a thumping. Knight refused to believe him when Wyatt insisted that he wasn’t the one who had carried out the earlier assaults, hitting him and trampling him in the corner.

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Knight exited the arena appearing terrified as Uncle Howdy simply regarded the ring and smiled. As he recovered from Knight’s strike, Wyatt also laughed a little. It is unclear what Uncle Howdy wants or why he has an issue with Knight.

Knight did trash Wyatt quite a bit, but based on the recordings, it appears that Howdy is also upset with Wyatt and has told him that his portrayal of a good guy is only a façade. Howdy did emerge tonight as Wyatt was being attacked, but it’s possible that he did so to claim responsibility rather than to offer any assistance to Wyatt.

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