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Does Matthew Davis Plan to Leave Legacies? Is Alaric Died in Legacies?

 When the principal of Salvatore School suffered a cerebral hemorrhage, it seemed as though a significant character from the show had died. Legacies, The Vampire Diaries’ second spinoff series, battled in its first few seasons to break out from The Originals and TVD’s shadow and establish its own unique personality.

Legacies take care to make sure its teenage protagonists are truly treated like teenage characters in their travels, with Alaric frequently being the only adult in an episode, unlike the teenage characters of Vampire Diaries who always felt like grownups. That is why it looked so surprised when he was killed off halfway through season 4.

But as usual, the immensely resilient Headmaster demonstrated that death was something that happened to others, not to Alaric Saltzman. Here is all you need to know about Alaric’s conceivable demise in Legacies, from the stunning nature of his stroke in season 4 to potential developments for TVD and Legacies.

Alaric has deceived the Grim Reaper numerous times and survived unscathed. Because of this, it was shocking when he appeared to have passed away in Legacies season 4, episode 5, “I Thought You’d Be Happier To See Me.” The adult Alaric, the headmaster of Legacies’ Salvatore School, is one way the show establishes the youthful bent of its characters.

Does Matthew Davis Plan to Leave Legacies?

Throughout his time on The Vampire Diaries, the character underwent a great deal of development and transformation (and appearances in The Originals). Alaric was a mess at the beginning, a borderline alcoholic who turned to vampire hunting to exact revenge when his wife was transformed, but he matured.

He is now the steadfast hand steering the Legacies ship. Without him, his students would undoubtedly lose their knowledge of monsters and lore and would also be lost without the father figure he has been to them all.

As a result, it was never easy to accept that Alaric had actually passed away in Legacies. Actor Matthew Davis was named in upcoming episodes after “I Thought You’d Be Happier To See Me” aired, and there had been no clue or indication that he had planned to depart the program.

However. Some fans sincerely believed Alaric Saltzman would return since the Legacies season 4 episode went to great lengths to make Alaric’s death appear real and irreversible. Alaric’s death in Legacies was framed as medical, not magical, with him passing away after suffering what appeared to be significant brain damage.

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This contrasts with earlier deaths in the series that have all been caused by supernatural means (meaning there is a loophole) or that have abruptly cut to show the character in an alternate prison world. Nevertheless, considering Alaric’s past, veteran fans of The Vampire Diaries series have reason to question that his death was final.

Later in the season, Alaric does indeed rise from the dead once more, but not before getting into a huge mess with Ted (also known as the Necromancer) in Limbo. Does Alaric perish in Legacies? Yes, but only so that the program could focus on the afterlife more. Here is everything you need to know.

How Alaric Survived After Death in Legacies

Diary’s season 1 scene was paid for by legacies.  Alaric Saltzman‘s specialty in The Vampire Diaries was dying and then reviving. That program swiftly witnessed a number of its human characters turn into supernatural beings or acquire magical skills.

Alaric, however, continued to be a fully mortal, non-magical person, but he was saved by the fact that he wore a ring that prevented him from passing away unexpectedly. As a result, Alaric passed away and then revived a few hours later and developed to become a running joke and plot point in the program. Alaric was revived even after he died as a result of losing his ring.

It was really a little odd that he hadn’t passed away in Legacies prior to season 4 considering how frequently he had passed away throughout The Vampire Diaries’ chronology. The death of Alaric in “Thought You’d Be Happier To See Me” wasn’t at all the half-joking incident that fans had anticipated.

Does Matthew Davis Plan to Leave Legacies?

A stroke was an unexpectedly grounded and real-world turn of events for a program like Legacies. Additionally, it meant Alaric was no longer under the protection of his infamous ring. Alaric’s quest may have been put permanently to rest based on the lore surrounding him and the world of The Vampire Diaries.

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Alaric’s demise provided material for Ted, the Necromancer, and the season 4 storyline set in Limbo. Alaric’s death was revealed to be more of a cliffhanger bait-and-switch in the upcoming episode than it was actually dead. Alaric wasn’t dead; he was only in a coma as a result of Hope’s attack on him in Legacies’ undeveloped season 4 episode.

Alaric, whose survival hung in the balance, used The Necromancer and Landon’s assistance to get through Limbo and find his way home. The Necromancer holds Alaric captive for a number of episodes until finally releasing him in season 4, episode 12, “Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost.”

In his hospital bed, he awakens disoriented but otherwise unhurt. This is a gross oversimplification of Alaric’s journey return to the living world, which contains many detours, deceptions, and even a Sphinx that dispenses riddles.

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Alaric embarks on an exposition-heavy journey through the supernatural underworld in a typical TVD franchise manner, building on a lot of the background information provided about Limbo in The Vampire Diaries. Regrettably, the canceled Legacies’ return to the mystical franchise’s roots came too late. In 2022, the CW made the decision to cancel the program public.

Season 4 ended with Alaric still very much alive and departing the Salvatore School for new experiences. There is still room for Alaric Saltzman to return, and he’ll probably die and come back once more if Legacies is ever renewed (or The Vampire Diaries gets another spin-off).

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