Gossip Girls Star Lily and Rufus: Are They Cheating on Each Other?

Gossip Girl is an American TV drama that is based on Cecily von Ziegesar’s books of the same name. The Upper East Side of Manhattan is home to a gang of gorgeous, affluent, and treacherous high school teenagers that the series follows.

At the outset of the series, Serena van der Woodsen, a popular youngster from the Upper East Side, mysteriously vanishes for a while. She runs into her archenemy Blair Waldorf and her mother Lily again, as well as Brooklyn-based aspiring writer Dan Humphrey, who serves as one of Serena’s main love interests throughout the series.

About the Rufus and Lily

In addition to being the father of Dan and Jenny Humphrey, Rufus Humphrey is the ex-husband of both Alison Humphrey and Lily van der Woodsen. The father of both of their children is also him. Scott Rosson’s real mother Lillian Celia “Lily” van der Woodsen is also Chuck Bass’ adoptive mother. She is the birth mother of Serena van der Woodsen and Eric van der Woodsen as well as the son of her former husband, Bart Bass.

She is Chuck Bass’s adopted mother as well. The character is portrayed on stage by Kelly Rutherford. The actor is portrayed by Matthew Settle. He declined the offer to go to college after finishing high school in favor of pursuing a musical career. The majority of Rufus’ storylines include him trying to be a good father to his kids or pursuing a relationship with Lily van der Woodsen. He spends much of his time on both of these activities.

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Because Jeanette went off with her snowboard instructor and left the family, he is no longer married to her. He is described as an outer poet since he typically wears ratty, outdated attire and has unkempt hair. Additionally, he is well known for making fun of his kids and letting them act in any way they want.

Are Rufus and Lily Cheating on Each Other?

No,  Numerous scenes in the Gossip Girl narrative demonstrate Rufus’ undying devotion to Lily. When Serena tries to leave, we see that she tells William that she needs to go home to Lily because she thinks that Rufus cheated on her with Holland and that he thinks Lily should keep her stress level low so that they can’t tell her.

Serena informs Rufus that she is aware of his liaisons with Holland and adopts a cold tone toward him. She asserts that this isn’t what she means, which perplexes Rufus, who claims that he previously told them about preventing William’s plans to move into the property.

She even claims that she and Rufus had a one-night stand in front of everyone. Holland maintains her account in spite of Rufus’s shock and denials. Serena and Eric leave the apartment while Lily flees to the bedroom, but Nate has already arrived.

Lily brings up the day he left his scarf at her place when Rufus tries to tell her that Holland has been dishonest. Dan and Nate visit Blair at the same time in an effort to get her help. They both agree that they must learn the truth because Rufus cannot possibly have been having an affair with Lily.

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Lily is assured by Rufus that he will never betray her. In the conclusion, we discover that William has fallen back in love with Lily and desires to once more be a part of their family. He apologizes and adds that he is concerned that no one will give him another chance.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do Lily and Rufus Split?

Lily is upset when she learns that Rufus had annulment papers prepared behind her back in The Return of the Ring. In the end, she decides to divorce Rufus and continue her marriage to Bart.

2. What is the Secret Between Rufus and Lily?

The following day, CeCe tells Rufus Lily’s major secret: she became pregnant with his child twenty years before and put him up for adoption (O Brother, Where Art Thou?). The will’s reading reveals that Lily received 20% of Bass Industries.

3. Who is Lily’s Secret Child on Gossip Girl?

Lily van der Woodsen and Rufus Humphrey had a hidden love child, Scott Rosson, whom Lily gave away when she was very young. Lily withheld the information from Rufus for a long time until telling him in season two when CeCe does. He is also Serena and Eric van der Woodsen’s and Dan and Jenny Humphrey’s half-brother.

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