How to Get Away With Murder Final Season: Did Anyone Get an Immunity Deal?

Six years after Annalise Keating’s (Viola Davis) undergraduate law course was labeled as “How to Get Away with Murder,” and after innumerable lies, betrayals, and more than a fair share of murder, we ultimately find who gets away with murder.

The ABC drama delivered lots of startling plot twists and painful farewells to our favorite young murderers, all while giving each main character the karmic justice they earned.

Oliver is charming and breaking our hearts, Alfred Enoch speaks Spanish, and better makeup effects than This Is Us; as Stefon would say on Saturday Night Live, the finale had it all. Frank (Charlie Weber) killed more people, and Laurel (Karla Souza) left the group and disappeared. So let’s dissect the events, find out who got away with what, and figure out what was up with Wes’s unexpected entrance.

A flashback is shown at the start of the episode and the events of that time are explained gradually. Annalise’s trial ends, and we hear gunshots outside, see terrified Tegan, and witness mayhem and people fleeing (Amirah Vann). Meanwhile, Laurel and Christopher dash off in their car.

In other words, what transpired? Well, as we learn later in the show, a very angry Frank arrived at the courthouse and gunned down Governor Birkhead (Laura Innes) as she was exiting the building just after the trial concluded. Unfortunately, Birkhead’s men shoot Frank instantly, and he bleeds to death in Bonnie’s (Liza Weil) arms before she knows she was also hit.

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With his death alongside the woman who, realistically, couldn’t have lived without him anyhow (and who also did her fair share of killing), Frank receives his just deserts for a life spent as a virtual assassin.

But that’s jumping the gun; there’s a lot that takes place before the shooting itself; let’s rewind to the Annalise Keating trial.

There is no true resolution to this question. Hannah (Marcia Gay Harden), who had been portrayed in the prior episode as the episode’s central witness who could assist Annalise win the case, was revealed to have presumably committed herself. After a brief moment of confusion, Annalise suspects Frank, but he insists he had nothing to do with the shooting (for once). At least Frank places the blame on Governor Birkhead, as this is what ultimately leads to Frank killing Birkhead.

Did Anyone Get an Immunity Deal?

The trial resumes. There is a scene three days before Frank and Bonnie’s tragic death in which Frank pays the man he believes to be the hidden witness, Gabriel (Rome Flynn), to convince him not to testify against Annalise. Frank strongly recommends that Gabriel get out of town and away from all the trouble his father has caused.

As for the rest of the Keating 5, they are just as culpable as Connor (Jack Falahee), but he still feels terrible guilt over betraying Annalise by agreeing to testify. After feeling guilty (perhaps because of the sequence that was cut from the episode but should have been included) and failing to persuade the others to do the right thing and go to prison, Oliver’s (Conrad Ricamora) wife makes new arrangements to keep her husband out of jail.

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Upon learning this, Connor abruptly rejects the bargain and serves Oliver with divorce papers. Despite knowing he will be sent to prison after the trial, Connor insists Oliver does not deserve someone less than himself.

Michaela (Aja Naomi King) rationalizes her decision to accept the deal and turn on her mentor and friends by saying that she was already imprisoned enough as a child and that she is determined to succeed despite this.

And What About the Trial?

Laurel’s shocking honesty in the previous episode set the stage for the three major testimony we saw in the series finale of How to Get Away with Murder. Jorge Castillo (Esai Morales), the main villain, came up first, but he didn’t accomplish much. When asked if the FBI and the governor were part of a plot to bring down Annalise, he said both were not.

Next up is the governor, who, as expected, denies any knowledge of a plot. On the bright side, Frank’s surprise audio recording implicating Hannah in Nate Lahey Srmurder .’s surfaces in season 5 thanks to Annalise.

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Last but not least, there’s Nate Lahey, Annalise’s ex-boyfriend (Billy Brown). Annalise doesn’t have much faith in Nate after she framed him for murder early in the series and he found out he was given a $20 million settlement if he testified against her.

But in the end, Nate proves his innocence, saying that Annalise wasn’t the one who framed him for Sam’s murder and that the FBI sought to pressure his testimony. Later that evening, when Nate and Annalise reunite, he tells her he’s done with the lies and gives her one more present before he leaves for good: the confession Wes hid away before he died.

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