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Who is Rod Wave: is Rod Wave Dead or Alive?

Even though tweets might say otherwise, it looks like Rod Wave is not dead or shot.

“RIP Rod Wave” has been written in a lot of tweets, which has led many people to think that the rapper has died. On social media sites, there are always rumors that a celebrity has died. It seems like a new death hoax is made up about a celebrity every week.

Previous rumors said that the rapper was dead, but this article puts those rumors to rest. But newer rumors on the Internet are making people think that Rod Wave was shot.

Who is Rod Wave?

Rod Wave is an American rapper whose songs include Rags2Riches and Heart on Ice. There have been rumors that he is dead.

The rapper has 3.1 million Instagram followers under the handle @rodwave. He is 21 years old.

Rod Wave is from Florida, and he has a lot in common with NBA Youngboy and Lil Baby. He has songs with both of them, and he has also performed with them.

Has Rod Wave Been Shot?

When Twitter thought Rod Wave had been shot, the rumor mill played with his health again.

It’s not clear where the rumors came from, but there have been no official reports or confirmations that Rod Wave was killed.

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It looks like the rumors started with posts on Facebook that said there had been a shooting.

Where Did the Death Rumours Start?

Rod Wave has also heard other rumors about being shot before.

In November, a Twitter user tweeted about a conspiracy theory that said Rod Wave would die soon. This led to rumors that he had died.


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A post shared by RodWave (@rodwave)

The user used geometry to “prove” why they thought the person had died. Gematria is a Hebrew code that matches letters with numbers. It is used in Judaism, but conspiracy theorists who believe in the Illuminati also use it a lot.

In this case, they used the code to connect the code result of the Rod Wave to the number of days left in the year on November 23rd, which was 38.

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The user then shows several other alleged links between important dates in the theory, such as Rod Wave’s birthday, and gematria codes of words related to the rapper.

Is Rod Wave Alive?

Yes, Rod Wave is still alive, even though there have been a lot of rumors on social media sites that he has died. Because of these wild rumors, the question “Is Rod Wave still alive?” has been asked a lot and has become one of the most popular ones.


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A post shared by RodWave (@rodwave)

Most people looked for the answer to the question “Is Rod Wave still alive?” in 2020 November. This was because tweets with the message “RIP Rod Wave” were going around. But these were lies about people dying that were spread without any explanation.

Did Rod Wave Die?

No, Rod Wave did not die. From the section above on “Is Rod Wave Alive?,” we know that Rod Wave is still alive. The death hoaxes and “RIP” tweets are what made people wonder “Is Rod Wave Alive?” “Is Rod Wave Dead?” “When Did Rod Wave Die?,” and “Did Rod Wave Die?”

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All of these “RIP” tweet threads and death hoaxes started when one user tweeted that Rod Wave had died and used Gemetri as proof. We’ve put the same tweet in the box below. But we already know that Rod Wave is still alive, so the answer to the question “Is Rod Wave still alive?” is yes.

When Did Rod Wave Die?

As we’ve seen in the sections about whether Rod Wave is still alive and whether he died, Rod Wave is not dead. Aside from the fake death rumors on Twitter and other social media sites, Rod Wave posted a Tweet on his official Twitter page that made many people wonder if he was still alive and what had happened to him.


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A post shared by RodWave (@rodwave)

Here, he talks about death and how it is the only thing that is certain in life. Even though the tweet was meant to be philosophical, it made many people wonder if Rod Wave is still alive.

How Much Does Rod Wave Weigh?

Fans have always wanted to know more about the rapper Rod Wave, like if he is still alive, what happened to him, and when he died. Some of the questions on this line are how much Rod Wave weighs and how tall he is. Rod Wave is on the heavier side. He is about 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs about 102 kg. In the table below, you can find out everything about Rod Wave, from how much he weighs to how much he is worth.

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