The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 2 Spoiler: Does Maggie Die?

Now that the last season of “The Walking Dead” has begun, no one is safe from getting killed. Fans want to know which heroes will live and which ones will die.

Maggie may be the character that fans are most interested in seeing die in Season 11 of The Walking Dead. In the first few episodes, her mental health is not good, and it’s likely that it will get worse as the group keeps fighting the Reapers and gets closer to Meridian. She isn’t in a good place, and the world of the dead isn’t kind to people who are carrying too much.

The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 2 Spoiler: Does Maggie Die?

Maggie has outlived most of her friends so far. Only Daryl and Carol have been around longer than she has. Maggie, unlike her father and sister, has made it through hard times and grown to be a leader.

After the war with the Saviors, Maggie left Hilltop to look for other places to live. She found Meridian. Maggie had to go back to Alexandria because the Reapers destroyed Meridian as she tried to lead walkers away from the settlement.

In the first part of Season 11, Alexandria is running out of food, so Maggie convinces some of the group to go with her to reclaim Meridian, saying that the town has plenty of food. But it’s clear that Maggie’s main reason for going back to Meridian is to get even. Even though she hates Negan, she can put that aside in her quest to stop the Reapers.

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In episode 3, everyone in Maggie’s group and Negan dies or gets hurt very badly. Maggie has to leave Alden behind because his wounds from fighting Reapers make him too slow to keep up. So, she and someone she considers her worst enemy are the only ones left to fight the Reapers at Meridian.

By episode 6, Maggie, Negan, Gabriel, and another friend have gotten back together. They are hiding out in a house they chose as a place to meet if things went wrong. Daryl is forced to lead the Reapers to the area because they have forced him to join them.

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He is able to warn Maggie in a quiet way, but she and the others in her group only have a few seconds to get away. With the Reapers close behind her, her only hope is that Daryl’s mistakenly joining the group can help her in other ways.

Even though Maggie hasn’t died yet, she is putting herself in danger, and we think it’s likely that she will die this season. The only thing that might save her is that she is still trying to keep her anger in check, but once the group gets to Meridian, that might not be enough.

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