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Hannah Hart: Early Life, Professional Life, Dream Wedding and Sexuality

Hannah Maud Hart, an American internet personality, comedian, novelist, and actress, was born on November 2, 1986. She is well-known for her role as the star of the weekly YouTube series My Drunk Kitchen, in which she prepares food while intoxicated.

She also operates a second channel where she expresses her ideas and chats about life in general. She was both a co-producer and a cast member of the 2014 independent comedy film Camp Takota. In August and September 2014, she published a parody cookbook that for five weeks topped the New York Times bestseller list. She received an Alex Award in 2017.

Hannah Hart: Early Life, Professional  Life, and Sexuality

Hannah Hart was born on November 2, 1986, in San Francisco, California. She is a YouTuber, comedian, actress, and writer. Her cooking show “My Drunk Kitchen” airs every week. It all started with a bottle of wine and a conversation with a friend over a webcam while trying to make grilled cheese.

She posted the now-famous conversation for some reason, and within minutes, thousands of people asked for another “episode.” Within two months of starting her YouTube channel, she quit her regular job to focus on her popular series.


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Since 2011, “My Drunk Kitchen” has won two Streamy Awards and had guests like British chef Jamie Oliver and former NSYNC member Lance Bass. She wrote a book that she calls a self-help parody meets drunk cooking book. It was inspired by the success of the cooking series. The cookbook was number six on “The New York Times” list of best-selling books in the “Advice, How-To, and Other” category, where it stayed for two weeks.

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Hart didn’t stop with the success of the show. She also co-produced and starred in “Camp Takota,” an independent comedy film that came out in 2014, not long after she became famous on YouTube. Hannah Hart is a best-selling author, actor, streamer, and comedian. We love her because she has so many jobs in the entertainment industry.

Hart officially admitted in September 2015 that she is a lesbian, indicating that she is a Homosexual.

About Her Dream Wedding

There was no doubt that Hannah Hart and Ella Mielniczenko would throw a huge party to mark their wedding anniversary. Hart declares, “I adore weddings.” “I realize they aren’t for everyone, but I have the kind of emotional instability that would make me cry at a stranger’s wedding. I enjoy parties. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. We enjoy throwing parties, and this is a wonderful excuse to do it in honor of a significant milestone for both of us.


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Hart acknowledges that the planning for the wedding is still very much in its early stages. “It’s vital to both of us that the ceremony reflects who we are as individuals and takes into account our varied cultures and upbringings. In fact, we already have one: #hellagoodwedding.

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We debate whether or not to invite guests to the wedding, Hart says. “The one thing we are certain of is that we want everyone’s energy to be positive, so I believe we’ll have incense burning as everyone enters to ensure that they are all being nice and cleansed and aren’t bringing any bad juju in. We’ll work out the arrangements with the assistance of our wedding planner.

Regarding Collaborating With Queer and Ally Wedding Suppliers

Hart and Mielniczenko have gathered their ideal team of wedding experts throughout the planning process, who also happen to be all members of the queer community. Hart says, “We’re using Heartthrob Weddings.” “A fellow LGBTQ individual, Emily has performed numerous same-sex and queer weddings. She has an attitude that shields us from all that [hurtful] talk, so in a sense, she has shielded us. That has been a huge assistance to me. Therefore, we recruited her “She clarifies.

“When we first started looking for a wedding coordinator, we assumed we would go for someone with excellent recommendations. Finding someone who is familiar with queer weddings was not even a thought that occurred to us. We simply wanted someone who offers first-rate service.


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So we started working with a different wedding planner that we had hired, and we soon ran into problems. They referred to us as “the girls” in one email. And I thought, ugh! I simply felt so bad about it. My father referred to my sisters and me in this way. We are the pair, the wedding folks; we are not the girls. It simply felt really strange. We then discovered our lesbian wedding planner.”

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According to Hart, every single one of their other vendors is gay so far. “The venue we found is queer-owned and operated,” says Hart, noting, “We found it because it was beautiful, but it’s a nice coincidence. All of our decisions are being made there. But it’s crucial that we don’t work with any biassed merchants or any vendors who aren’t eager to collaborate with us.”

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