The 100 Ending Season 7: How to End the Show?

The 100 concluded with a (kind of) joyful ending, marking both the first and final time that can be said about its major characters.

Clarke (Eliza Taylor), Raven (Lindsey Morgan), Murphy (Richard Harmon), and the rest of the (few) remaining juvenile delinquents who were transported down to Earth in the pilot episode were eventually reunited in the series finale, “The Last War,” and there were no more conflicts to fight.

Everyone was smiling and giving hugs as the music crescendoed. Of course, this being The 100, the “happy ending” also involved the vast majority of humanity dying out. This program must adhere to its brand image.

The 100. Amazing performance. Wow, that was some adventure. As soon as CW’s The 100 premiered as a preschool program set to Imagine Dragons’ “Radioactive,” I was hooked. Many of you probably started to enjoy the show more as it settled into its rhythm during the next several episodes.

The second season was faultless, and it ranks among my all-time favorite TV seasons. There was an increase in the show’s devoted audience as the show’s popularity increased.


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It’s easy to make choices as a writer that won’t be liked (or even accepted) by everyone in a community that’s huge and varied like this one. In contrast, the third-season events appeared to hit a chord with everyone. The show was irrevocably altered by Lexa’s tragic demise, but that is not to suggest that it has not since recovered. At last, The 100 seemed to be getting back on its feet, and I dared to dream that the show’s legacy wouldn’t be only the thing we all disliked so much in Season 3.

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Today marks the beginning of Season 7. There’s something more that bothers us all, too. If Jason Rothenberg and the rest of the writers’ room believed that murdering off the other shippers’ No. 1 would make up for killing off Lexa, they were sorely mistaken.

Few people were happy about Bellamy’s passing, and I include myself among them. There was still hope, though, because there were still a few episodes remaining that may turn things around and end the season on a high note. I believe that it accomplished that goal… mainly.


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The events of “The Last War” begin immediately following the conclusion of the previous episode. Currently, Jackson, Murphy, and Raven are in Sanctum, and they are rushing Emori to the medical facility. Using the defibrillators, they bring her back to life, and Raven immediately leaves to help their other friends and defeat the Shepherd.

The 100 Ending Season 7 Main Characters

On the sand, Lexa reveals that Madi anticipated Clarke’s disapproval of having an only child to prevent her return. This is the final generation, and they will never have children. As a mother, Clarke would have rather that her daughter ascended to whatever the next journey/adventure/whatever it is because she knows that it must be something amazing and unique and lovely. Because Clarke wouldn’t be going through this decision on her own, Madi found it easier to make this pick

How to End the Show?

When it comes to the ending, I seem to have forgotten that we even discussed it. What I just told you is the moral of the narrative, which is something I’ve always wanted to include. So, whatever form that took, that was the lesson to be learned.

And naturally, the specifics of how we got there changed as the world expanded, we traveled to a different planet, we met other characters, and we began traveling the universe via the interplanetary subway system of the stones. But it was the whole goal all along.


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It developed naturally. Once we agreed upon the parameters of the test—namely, that the judge would take the form of the candidate’s greatest love, the greatest teacher, or greatest enemy—it was clear that Callie would be the one to administer it to Cadogan, Lexa would have been my first choice for Clarke if Alycia hadn’t agreed to come back and do it, and Abby would have been the one to administer it to Clarke if Alycia hadn’t come back.

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Although it was obvious that after Clarke’s failure, Raven would be the one to step in and appeal the judgment, there was also a certain elegance to that fact, given how much importance the connection had to Raven. Who would have to face the judges and what criteria would be used to evaluate each candidate determined the outcome?

Were There Any Other Characters You Wanted Back for the Finale as Well but It Didn’t Work Out

As we settled on the rules, the question of who would be singled out for special treatment arose. We’d already used up some of those cards in a previous season, with Dad (Chris Browning) and Monty (Christopher Larkin) both making spectacular returns. Therefore, there was never anyone we wanted to return but who ultimately didn’t.

What About Bellamy?

It was an easy decision for me to root for Lexa. It was one of those rare occasions when everyone in the room was genuinely thrilled by the same idea. The next step was to convince her to return. The rules of transcendence said that only the living shall transcend, therefore there was no way for Bellamy to come back in the end. Another devastating conclusion for Octavia in the climax is that he did not make it to the end because he died before crossing the finish line.

Why Did You Want to Kill Bellamy in the Way

Because of the necessity to ease Bob in gradually, Bellamy’s plot took a major turn this season. The rest of the story, especially the ending, went poorly from there. In all cases, but especially when it comes to killing off characters, you want the decisions to be inspired by creativity.


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However, there are moments when circumstances demand our attention and require us to behave in ways unrelated to writing or creativity. That may not be the case with him specifically, but over seven years, a lot of characters passed away. Sometimes these deaths were unavoidable, and when they were, we did the best we could with the situation.

Do You Have Any Updates on the Potential Prequel Series?

All I can say about the prologue is that discussions are still going on. It’s important to me to be able to keep developing this world since I find it to be quite interesting and full of potential plot points. But at the time, these issues are way over my head. I’ll find out on the same day you do.

So they can spend the rest of their days in harmony, we’re going to leave them together and respect their decision to remain a couple. The last remaining combatants have been eliminated.

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I suppose, jokingly, I could envision 70-year-old Murphy and 70-year-old Clarke engaged in a blood feud, with everyone else lined up on one side or the other, except that they are too old to do any actual damage to one other. [Laughs] But in all honesty, the ending is meant to suggest that even if it isn’t happy ever after, at least it’s tranquil forever after.

What Are You Most Proud of, Looking Back on the Entire Series?

We left a mark as a show that was not afraid to take risks or tackle serious topics, featured strong female leads, and had one of television’s most diverse ensembles. I’m happy the show will continue to air and that others can find it through streaming now.

If the entire series is watched in two weeks, rather than being spread out across seven years, maybe some of the elements that didn’t quite click with some viewers will be more successful for the rest of the audience. It’s bittersweet to see a show that has meant so much to me for so long come to an end. It’s been quite a trip, and we made it to the very end, which is both wonderful and tragic.

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