A Storm for Christmas: It’s the Holidays, and Netflix’s New Limited Series is a Huge Hit!

It’s never a good time to be stranded at the airport owing to airline disruptions. Having to wait around total strangers in a busy corridor over the holidays, when you’d rather be with your loved ones, maybe a particularly unpleasant surprise. During the six episodes of the recently released holiday-themed miniseries A Storm for Christmas, this tumultuous event serves as the precise spark for an unlikely group of strangers to come together in unexpected ways.

The Norwegian capital city of Oslo serves as the backdrop for this Netflix original series. Both holiday-seeking vacationers and exhausted workers eager to call it a day are grounded by the storm.

In each episode, which lasts between forty and forty-five minutes, viewers tag along with a different set of characters as they experience the transformation of their abruptly cut-short airport excursion from one filled with gloom and doom to one filled with enchantment and renewed energy thanks to a more magical Christmas spirit.

A Storm For Christmas Are Heartwarming

Many compelling people are featured in the show. There’s a pianist who’s at the end of the world because of his falling popularity, a singer who has to overcome her emotional blocks to appreciate the people around her, a luggage handler who falls in love with an abandoned dog, a mother whose one goal is to get her son to a life-changing surgery, a peculiar traveler who spends every year at the airport but is unable to leave because of his phobia of flying, and many more.


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In this miniseries, which is set in a city that was once a bustling airline hub but is now frozen in time because of a terrible blizzard, rather than the usual story-building processes, the focus is on the characters’ stated goals and extensive backstories.

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Despite first impressions, the stranded passengers get along surprisingly well thanks to the remarkable but distinct personalities they all possess. Thus, this hidden connection not only reaffirms the maxim that people will forever repay the kindness shown to them but also proves that no matter how isolated you may feel or where you may be, you are never truly alone at Christmas.

For instance, the devastated pianist uses only a few words to appease an irate worker who has had it with playing Santa Claus. This relaxed state of mind eventually filters down to comfort a young girl whose parents’ constant bickering has grown unbearable.

An airport worker’s eventual bond with Lasso, a little dog left behind, is essential in his friendship with a female priest, who employs the dog’s acute sense of scent to locate a lost elderly man throughout the terminals. And so, the female priest is moved to book a journey on the spur of the moment with a man carrying the grief of his late wife.

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All of the relationships in the show, and there are many, are fostered by the generous nature of the holiday season. The characters of A Storm for Christmas all have the ability to make these encounters appear natural and inspirational, so the underlying theme doesn’t feel forced or cringeworthy.

The Cast and Crew Make A Storm For Christmas Great

There’s a good chance you’ll recognize some of the actors that play these likable roles. Artist Arthur Berg is played by Dennis Storhoi (Troll). The Young Royals star and former child actress Carmen Gloria Perez is also a part of the production. Sus Noreen Jondhl Taking on the role of Stine, Wilkins portrays a lady who has doubts about her future after confronting her infidelity while abroad.

Wilkins’s next film, In The Name of Love, follows his role in the Danish murder drama Loving Adults. Pop star Ida, played by Ida Elise Broch, is the subject of this film. Broch, a familiar face from numerous Norwegian-language dramas, appeared as the love interest of a supporting character in the Netflix original Lilyhammer.


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Director Per-Olav Sorensen, who also brought us The Playlist and the upcoming sequel to his coming-of-age prep school romance film Royalteen, is responsible for the creation of A Storm for Christmas. The Global Ensemble Drama collaborated on the making of this multi-perspective holiday drama, which demonstrates how one person’s act of kindness in the face of adversity can have a profound impact on the lives of many.

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Dramatic production at the organization is housed in the same city and country as the show’s fictional setting, and it takes great pride in the fact that its leaders are drawn from the same pool of talented individuals who are featured in the show’s broadcasts.

If the stormy weather this winter has kept you indoors, you might enjoy A Storm for Christmas, now streaming on Netflix. You may go on holiday trips without leaving the house again, and you’ll soon find yourself feeling like Christmas is the most lovely time of the year again.

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