Cassie and Diddy: Age Difference, Timeline, Current Relation

After dating for ten years on and off, Cassie and Sean “Diddy” Combs are said to have broken up last week. The 32-year-old singer/songwriter and the 47-year-old music mogul first appeared together in public in 2012, but they had been dating in secret since 2007. Their relationship from 2007 until 2018 is detailed below.

2007: Cassie Becomes the Spokesmodel 

The two got acquainted after Cassie was chosen as the face of Diddy’s blossoming apparel line, but romance rumors didn’t start to surface until after Cassie signed with Diddy’s Bad Boy Records. Due in large part to Diddy’s on-again, off-again relationship with ex-girlfriend Kim Porter before their 2009 divorce, the two vehemently denied having a romantic relationship.

2012: Cassie and Diddy Open Their Relationship Publicly

The two started going to events together, but it was their appearance at Kanye West’s Paris Fashion Week show that year that really caught people’s attention.

2013: In Madame Noir, Cassie Discusses Their Relationship Openly

As Cassie explains her friendship with Diddy in an interview with Madame Noir, “simply being around him is a completely amazing experience.” She also emphasized the important roles that communication and honesty played in their romance.

2014: Engagement Rumors, After Cassie is Seen Wearing a Ring

On his Instagram, Diddy shared a photo of a massive diamond ring with the question: “Baby, do you like it? All I want to do is offer you what you want! Fans continued to speculate despite Diddy’s rep’s denial of the engagement claims after seeing pictures of Cassie wearing the ring.

2015: First Breakup

 The couple broke up but quickly reconciled. Diddy revealed his 25/75 rule for relationships in an interview with The Breakfast Club. “If I’m in a relationship with you, like 25 percent of your time, you’re gonna just feel like, ‘Aw man, I hate being here, this guy, aw man, he cheated on me, he lied on me,’” Diddy said. But there are also 75% of “I’ll make you the happiest woman in the entire world” promises, with the assurance that you’ll grin the most.

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2016: Second Breakup 

TMZ reports go into detail about the heated altercation where Diddy grabbed Cassie’s phone but then gave it back. A domestic incident report was made even though no crime was reported when the police were summoned to Cassie’s house. They split up once more but quickly got back together following the incident.

2018: Diddy and Cassie Split Up 

Diddy’s latest Instagram post was from her birthday in August, with the comment “Go BEST FRIEND! “, while Cassie’s last post was from the Met Gala in May. Happy Birthday to my love, @cassie! I’ve loved you forever. It’s your birthday. Since that time, sources close to the couple have acknowledged that they have been apart for months and have officially split.

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Does Diddy Still love Cassie?

After her notably quick divorce from Diddy, Cassie wed Fine. During his address at the 2022 BET Awards, the hip-hop mogul also acknowledged Cassie and said that despite their breakup, she remained a true love for him. Try restarting your device if playback doesn’t start right away.

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