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Is Welven Harris Dead: Welven Da Great Death Hoax Debunked!

Repeatedly, erroneous reports have circulated asserting that Welven Da Great has passed away. Internet fraud is exposed here.

False death rumors spread rapidly on social media and unfortunately, many people fall for them.

The media and influential people online are frequent victims of death hoaxes and rumors of their deaths.

Who is Welven Da Great?

Welvin Harris, well known by his stage name Welven Da Great, is a popular internet figure.

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His ‘Deez Nuts’ comic routine is largely responsible for his success. Since then, he’s become extremely well-known and has amassed a sizable online following.


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Welvin has amassed 108k Instagram followers. Pictures of him with famous people like DJ Khaled and Amber Rose can be found on his profile.

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He also frequently posted photos to his fan page, which shows that his popularity is only expanding.

Welven Da Great: Death Hoax Debunked!

You heard wrong; Welven Da Great is very much alive and well.

A recent interview with Welvin on World Star, in which he appears to be in excellent health, confirms this. The video’s speaker pleaded with other internet users to “stop abusing” the internet celebrity and end the false reports.

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Twitter user @1toneowilliams dispelled another urban legend about Welven Da Great this past summer.


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Many of Welvin’s followers, at the time, believed a death hoax that spread when an obituary appeared on DeadDeath.

Not surprisingly, many social media users have been deeply affected by the rapid spread of fake reports.

The statement “WELVEN DA GREAT IS NOT DEAD.” was made. Two tagged posts appeared the day after the article was published, each with the number 11.

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