Take a Look at the We Need a Little Christmas Filming Locations!

We Need a Little Christmas is a Miracles of Christmas movie on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. It was directed by Kevin Fair. This holiday movie is about Julie, a single mom who moves to a new house with her son Gavin after her husband dies. She is now on her own to run their architecture business.

Julie and Gavin are getting ready for the family’s first Christmas after the tragedy, and Julie is having trouble getting along with her son and moving on with her life. Soon, Julie meets her elderly neighbor Irene, who lives alone, and the two of them form a bond that neither of them expected.

The movie looks at things like loss, love, and friendship in a good way. The movie is bright and colorful, and almost every scene takes place against a snowy background with Christmas decorations. Aside from this, the whole movie has a country feel, which makes us wonder where it was shot. Let’s find out!

We Need a Little Christmas Filming Locations

All of “We Need a Little Christmas” was filmed in Kelowna, in the southern interior of British Columbia. The movie was reportedly shot for about three weeks between May and June of 2022. The unusual holiday movie is set in a city in the westernmost province of the Great White North, where the scenery is big and the weather is nice. Now, let’s talk about where the movie takes place.

Kelowna, British Columbia

Kelowna, which is in the beautiful Okanagan Valley, was the setting for the movie “We Need a Little Christmas.” The place has everything: big, beautiful mountains, calm blue water, and rocky beaches. It’s interesting to see how the film’s heartwarming Christmas look is based on the city’s beautiful scenery.

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Erica Durance, who played the lead, loved being a part of the story. In an interview with MediaVillage, she said that reading the script made her feel excited. She liked how the movie looked at different kinds of love and relationships that aren’t often shown. She said, “I could relate to everything because there were so many different kinds of relationships and interactions that were all so sweet. I just thought that there was something here for everyone who watches.”

Aside from this, the actress said that she had watched Lynn Whitfield’s work and was very impressed by it. She told the above website, “When I did my first scene with her, I was pretty starstruck. It was hard because I sometimes forgot my lines and got lost in her eyes. She is the most beautiful person on earth. When you’re star-struck, you give someone their space, but she reached out with great conversation and a lot of advice.

Erica praised the talent of Azriel Dalman, who plays her son, and said that he was like “a 100-year-old man in a young body.” She liked how patient he was while they worked on scenes together, and she said that he even helped her with a big monologue. In the movie, Julie and Gavin’s characters have an interesting relationship.

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Julie tries to get close to Gavin while he is having a hard time getting over the death of his father. This relationship, along with a few others, is at the heart of the story and is shown in a real and honest way.

We Need a Little Christmas Cast

In this Christmas movie, part of Julie is played by Erica Durance. She is best known for her roles in TV shows like “Smallville,” “Supergirl,” and “Saving Hope.” You may know her from movies like “Color My World with Love” and “North to Home” by Hallmark. Irene, Julie’s neighbor, is played by veteran actress Lynn Whitfield.

Lynn has been in the business since the 1980s. Some of her most famous movies and TV shows are “Vacation Friends,” “Heartbeat,” “Greenleaf,” and “The Josephine Baker Story,” for which she won an Emmy.

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Patrick Sabongui plays Peter. He is known for his roles in TV shows like “The Flash” and “Homeland.” Gavin, who is Julie’s son, is played by Azriel Dalman. The young actor also appears in “Coyote Creek Christmas” on Hallmark and “Soccer Mom Madam” on Lifetime.

Frequently Asked Question

We Need a Little Christmas Was Where?

The song “We Need a Little Christmas” was first performed in Jerry Herman’s 1966 Broadway hit Mame. Angela Lansbury played the title role on stage, and Lucille Ball played the role in the movie.

When Were the Scenes for the We Need a Little Christmas Shot?

“We Need a Little Christmas” is a popular Christmas song that was first performed by Angela Lansbury in the Broadway musical Mame in 1966. The song was written by Jerry Herman.

In Payson, Utah, They Are Making What Hallmark Movie?

The song is called “Christmas Tree Lane” (2020)

As she works to save the neighborhood, she finds out that Nate, the guy she likes, has other plans. When the movie was being filmed in Payson and Provo in the summer of 2020, downtown Payson felt like it was Christmas in June.

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