Where is Well Suited for Christmas Filmed?

The stars of John Tucker Must Die’s Mercedes De La Zerda and Jupiter’s Legacy’s Franco Lo Presti team together in the holiday love drama Well Suited for Christmas, directed by Michelle Ouellet. The film premiered on the Lifetime channel on November 6 and has since gotten rave reviews.

It’s a Christmas take on the classic concept of enemies-to-lovers. Well, Suited For Christmas is the perfect movie if you’re in the mood for a romantic holiday film. All subscribers to Philo, Vudu, or Amazon Prime Video can see the movie right now. The film’s protagonist, Rachel Rocca, is a rising fashion designer known for her daring use of color.

Rachael decides to promote her new menswear line by participating in a tuxedo contest/bachelor auction to benefit foster children. Brett Stone, the billionaire inventor of the “connecting link,” has chosen Rachel to create a tuxedo for him. Stone is said to only wear black and to have a strong aversion to bright colors.

Brett’s cold demeanor makes him a pain to work with, but Rachel is on a mission to change that by convincing him to branch out from his standard uniform of all black. When Rachel hears the reason behind Brett’s participation in the charity event, she may reevaluate his icy approach.

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Time and again, sparks flew between them, and eventually, they fell in love. Can Rachel make the millionaire’s life more interesting? Find out in the film Well Suited for Christmas.

Where Are the Filming Locations for “Well Suited For Christmas”?

Well, Suited For Christmas is a Lifetime original romantic drama that was shot entirely in Ottawa, Ontario. Ottawa is Canada’s second-largest and most populous province, and it has many picture-perfect locations. Ottawa has also been the setting for numerous more films, both holiday-themed and otherwise. Check out the filming spots for “Well Suited for Christmas.”

Ottawa Ontario

Ottawa, the nation’s capital, served as the setting for the filming of Well Suited for Christmas. Production started on March 22 and ended on April 22 of that year. The group looked in several different places, including Fifth Avenue and Queen Elizabeth Driveway, throughout their time in Ottawa.

The film’s principal photography was done on location at one of Fifth and Bank’s buildings. Some of the cast and crew had been staying in a nearby building at the time of the incident, but no one was wounded because the blaze was extinguished so swiftly.

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Ottawa is known for its picturesque settings, which is why it was chosen to film Well Suited for Christmas and a slew of other holiday-themed films. These include Noel Next Door, One Delicious Christmas, Designing Christmas, Reindeer Games Homecoming, and Hotel for the Holiday.

Is Well Suited for Christmas Based on True Story?

Well, Suited For Christmas is not based on any actual events, but thanks to W. Stewart’s brilliant storytelling, we were almost convinced that it was. W. Stewart’s romantic comedies are beloved because of the many moving and exciting scenes they contain.

A familiar plot element, a Christmas charity banquet, appears alongside the familiar growing relationship between the boss and an employee. That’s why the movie might feel like it could have happened.

Well Suited for Christmas Review

With a punny title like Well Suited For Christmas, how could I resist seeing it? Twitter users praised Suited For Christmas because, like every other Christmas film, it features a pretty ensemble cast, plenty of chemistry between the leads, a few cheesy moments, and a satisfying conclusion.

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Some of the reviews even included things like, “The actors seem to have amazing chemistry together” and “The film is fantastic.” More public acclaim for Well Suited for Christmas!


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