Who is Adam Humphries? Is He Currently Dating Someone?

Adam participated in football for the Washington team. Adam, who was born on June 24, 1993, is now 29 years old. He is from Spartanburg, South Carolina, and wanted to play football professionally.

He has previously played for a few other teams, including the Tennessee Titans and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Adam Humphries even participated in collegiate football for the Clemson Tigers as a result of his extreme devotion to and passion for the game. He produced excellent albums.


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Returning to Adam Humphries’ private life, it’s not something the NFL player likes to brag about. He has consistently kept his attention on his career. However, that does not imply that he doesn’t spend a lot of time with his family. Adam is, after all, a family-oriented individual.

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Who is Adam’s romantic interest? The NFL player’s spouse? Some individuals are certain that Adam does have a special someone. What do you think? Who can guess? Here are your answers if you’re wondering who Adam Humphries is seeing right now and how things are going.

Adam’s Relationship: Who Is He Dating?

Adam Humpries may not be dating anyone right now, to speak of. He appears to be having fun with it.

However, rumors claim that Adam and Kinley Crenshaw had a love relationship. Who is she, exactly? Kinley works for both the VCU emergency room and the Richmond Ambulance Authority. She completed a four-year clinical psychology Ph.D. program. It’s clear that Adam’s alleged love interest is extremely capable.

When asked about his better half, the NFL athlete has largely kept quiet. Therefore, we cannot be certain that the rumors about Adam and Kinley’s connection are accurate.

She spoke about it on her Tiktok account, so perhaps it was. We’ll discuss that soon. Many of you are unaware of the circumstances surrounding Adam and Kinley. It was previously reported that the couple had exchanged vows back in 2016.

Kinley Crenshaw was blessed with a son this year. Congratulations! Adam Humphries and Kinley Crenshaw had been estranged for a year. They do not share a residence in South Carolina. Kinley Crenshaw, Adam’s ex-wife, also made reference to their poisonous relationship.

Kinley Crenshaw

She once disclosed that she was working on the divorce procedure even in 2019. With the NFL player, there was a chance. William Toon Humphries is the name of his child, to be specific. Adam is the biological father of the child who was born on July 12, 2022. Well, Kinley looks after her child well when he is with her.

What was the worst part, do you know? Kinley, Adam’s partner, was reportedly by herself when she was admitted to the hospital for her pregnancy. Yes! Adam was absent. She even convinced him to reschedule the induction of her childbirth. It wasn’t over there.

Then what? Adam Humphries said that his boy deserved privacy and didn’t want Kinley to share photos of their child on social media. But Kinley made a different revelation. She claimed that Adam had asked the same question because he didn’t want the other girls to know he was a father.

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Then Kinley made the decision to cut ties with Adam. She didn’t want Adam, who was reluctant to share the joy or the identity that any other father would, to raise her son because he was “poison.”

It’s a good thing that Kinley Crenshaw and Adam Humphries are no longer dating. Hopefully, they’ve also moved on! We pray for the baby’s health. Adam, an NFL player, can get additional updates if you follow him on Instagram.

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