Can You Tell Whether Steve Hilton is Gay From Looking at Him? To the Scene of the Next Revolution!

Does one know if Steve Hilton Stephen Glenn Charles Hilton, aka “Steve Hilton,” is a gay former British political consultant and current political commentator? Also, he’s one of the brains behind the startup Crowd Pac.

While working for the Conservative Central Office (COO) after graduating from university, Steve met Rachel Whetstone, the woman who would later become his wife. Whetstone managed Google’s public relations and policy initiatives for almost ten years. Plus, Steve is an extremely creative author. More Human is the title of a book released that year (2015).


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Furthermore, Steve has been the host of the Fox News program The Next Revolution since 2017. From 2002 to 2012, he served as Director of Strategy for Prime Minister David Cameron.

Who is Steve Hilton

Rob Smith, a veteran of the Iraq War and political analyst, is a contributor for Turning Point USA, an advocacy group for young conservatives, and a FOX News Contributing Opinion Columnist. “America’s favorite black, homosexual, Republican,” he calls himself.

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Both Steve and Rob share their “coming out” stories and talk about his working-class upbringing in Ohio.

Is Steve Hilton Gay?

Since Steve Hilton was married to Rachel Whetstone for over a decade, we can safely rule out the possibility that he is gay. There was a lot of rumor milling about his sexuality before he got married, but now that he’s married, people seem to have moved on.

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Steve, who was born in the United Kingdom, became an American citizen in May 2021, per his wiki page.


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Steve’s academic credentials are those of a graduate student at Oxford’s New College. That’s true, right? His biography has been included on both the Fox News website and Wikipedia.

Steve Hilton’s Net Worth

The sum of money that Steve Hilton has accumulated. His true wealth is unknown to the public at this time. We have calculated that his annual salary is somewhere in the range of $50,000 and $100,000.

Steve Hilton’s Wife

The presenter of The Next Revolution Steve Hilton recently tied the knot. Now 54 years old, Rachel Whetstone has worked for Google as a PR executive for the past decade.

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According to her wiki page, Rachel accepted a position at Facebook as vice president of communications for the Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger products. She was able to secure a position with Netflix that was very similar.

Steve Hilton Children

Despite the fact that Steve Hilton and his wife do not have any children of their own, they were godparents to David Cameron’s late son Ivan. The Guardian claims that David Cameron and Steve were good pals.


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After Joe Biden defeated Donald Trump in 2020 for the presidency, Hilton defended Trump’s baseless allegations of election fraud on a Fox News show.

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