Physical Season 3 Release Date: What We Expect From This Season?

As the second season of this popular comedy-drama concludes tonight, fans are beginning to wonder if this will be the final season or if Apple Tv+ will renew it for more seasons. The show has received generally positive reviews and audience applause worldwide. On Rotten Tomatoes, the second season has a 91% approval rating based on 11 critic reviews, and an average rating of 76% based on audience score.

In addition, viewers are aware that the season ended on a potential cliffhanger that has been expanded into another season, which could lead to renewal. Apple Tv+ has recently renewed a number of its programs in response to viewer demand and is extending its library of original movies and television programs.

As a result, we have created a concise description of the renewal status, release date, narrative, and a cast of the upcoming season. Continue reading to discover more about the third Physical Season.

Renewed Status

Physical Season 3 has not been officially confirmed by Apple TV+ as of August 5, 2022. The second season concluded with the release of “Don’t Say It’s Over” on August 5, 2022. Given that the series just concluded a few hours ago, any news or updates regarding a prospective season renewal appear far too early for a major network to make such substantial statements.


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Apple TV+ typically evaluates all relevant elements, including audience and critical response, program viewing, and potential future aspects that will expand the series for the benefit of the streaming service. If all of these indicators lead to positive judgments about the streaming platform, then and only then does the series have a reasonable possibility of being renewed early.

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Before renewing the series for future seasons, the streaming service may analyze its performance and reception. Fans should therefore wait until the network confirms and accepts this information before acting.

Physical Season 3 Release Date

Due to the fact that the network has not publicly confirmed the series, the projected launch date has not been announced, and the status is ambiguous. However, if we had to forecast the release date of Physical Season 3, it would likely occur around the middle of 2023, exactly like the first and second seasons.

The most probable month is around June 2023. On the other hand, this is merely speculation that, if the network renews the series, the following season may follow the same pattern and be published around the same time.

Physical Season 3 Expected Plotline

It is unknown what the plot of Physical Season 3 would include, however, significant plotlines have hinted at potential circumstances and routes the series may take if renewed. It is anticipated that the following season would continue the story by picking up the scenario from the season two finale, “Don’t You Say It’s Over,” which aired on August 5, 2022. Danny wants what he believes he deserves as Sheila and Greta start on a new project, according to the episode’s official synopsis.

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As tensions between the two fighting parents escalate in the season finale, Sheila and Danny consult attorneys, and Sheila’s new business venture incurs expenses as it makes its way to market. As a result, Season 3 of Physical is anticipated to continue the tale in terms of characters and plotlines, beginning at this exact moment of the season finale, in order to resolve any potential plot gaps and cliffhangers.


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All of the previous episodes have established the season’s tone, which will develop and extend in ways that will draw fans to watch the show.

Episodes Guide

Although the exact number of episodes for the third season of Physical has not yet been revealed. If the series is renewed, we can anticipate at least ten episodes, each lasting between 27 and 34 minutes. Ultimately, the number of episodes varies based on the show’s intended narrative. In the meantime, we advise fans to be patient and binge-watch Season 2, which recently aired, in order to refresh their memories of certain pivotal storylines.

  • S2E1: Don’t You Want Me – June 3, 2022
  • S2E2: Never Give Up – June 10, 2022
  • Don’t Go Far, Episode 3 – June 17, 2022
  • Don’t You Know will air on June 24, 2022.
  • Don’t You Want to Watch, Episode 2E5 – July 1, 2022
  • Don’t You Have Enough – S2E6 – July 8, 2022
  • S2E7: Don’t Try This at Home will air on July 15, 2022.
  • S2E8: Don’t Run and Hide will air on July 22, 2022.
  • Don’t You Want to Improve? – July 29, 2022
  • Don’t Say It’s Over – S2E10 – August 5, 2022

In addition, viewers are aware that many shows aim to keep a steady number of episodes throughout the season. We recommend that fans wait patiently for such updates, as more information will be disclosed once the official announcement is made.

Physical Season 3 Cast Members

As of August 5, 2022, we regret to inform you that no new casting announcements have been made by the network. These details will be made public prior to the release of the third chapter. If Physical is renewed for a third season, it is likely that several of the main cast members from the first season will reprise their roles.

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  • Rose Byrne as Sheila Rubin
  • Rory Scovel as Danny Rubin, Sheila’s husband
  • Geoffrey Arend as Jerry Goldman, an old friend of Sheila and Danny who becomes Danny’s campaign manager
  • Paul Sparks as John Breem, a mall owner
  • Della Saba as Bunny Kazam, an aerobics instructor and Tyler’s girlfriend
  • Lou Taylor Pucci as Tyler, a surfer, and Bunny’s boyfriend
  • Dierdre Friel as Greta Hauser, a housewife and Ernie’s wife

The recurring cast members:

  • Ian Gomez as Ernie Hauser, a tech pioneer, and Greta’s husband
  • Erin Pineda as Maria Breem, John’s wife
  • Donny Divanian as Kevin Cartwright
  • Grace Kelly Quigley as Maya Rubin, Sheila and Danny’s daughter
  • Wallace Langham as Auggie Cartwright
  • Murray Bartlett as Vinnie Green
  • Tawny Newsome as Wanda

Where to Stream

All seasons of Physical will be exclusively available to stream on Apple TV+, with a variety of subscription options from which to choose.

Viewers can purchase a subscription plan based on their preferences for a starting price of $4.99 per month based on a US membership, with a seven-day free trial for new users and three months free when they purchase any Apple product.


Sheila Rubin, a housewife in 1980s San Diego, is a quietly tormented woman who fights extreme personal demons and a vicious inner voice. However, her life takes a turn for the better when she discovers aerobics, which sets her on a path toward empowerment and eventual success.


Regardless of the fact that the third season of Physical has not been confirmed. Thus, the presumption of the spoiler is unnecessary at present.

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