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Bojack Horseman Season 6 Release Date: Will There Be Season 7?

Bojack Horseman is coming back to Netflix for a sixth and, as far as we know, a final season that will air in 2019 and 2020. Here’s when the last episodes of Bojack Horseman will be on Netflix and what we can expect from season 6.

Raphael Bob-Waksberg made it. Bojack Horseman is an animated comedy-drama show for adults that is only available on Netflix.

The main character of the show is Bojack Horseman, a cynical former star who is best known for his 90s sitcom Horsin’ Around.

On October 30, 2018, the show got a sixth season.

Since its first season on Netflix in 2014, the show has won and been nominated for several awards. It is currently the longest-running animated sitcom on Netflix. The show was nominated again for several awards, including one for best animation.

Bojack Horseman Season 6 Release Date

We expect Bojack Horseman to come back for season 6 in early Fall 2019, as filming is probably coming to an end. This was confirmed when it was announced on September 27, 2019, that season 6 of Bojack Horseman will be split into two parts.


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Bojack Horseman season 6 part 1 will be available on Netflix on October 25, 2019, and part 2 of season 6 will be available on January 31, 2019.

Will There Be a Season 7 of Bojack Horseman?

Even though the show’s creator, Raphael Bob-Waksberg, said he was interested in keeping it going, we now know that season 6 will be the last one. Raphael said in an interview:

“I won’t say as long as Netflix lets me, because I don’t know where I’ll be in the future or what I’ll be doing. But as long as I think the show has potential and Netflix lets us, it’s still a world worth building on.”

What to Expect From Bojack Horseman Season 6

Now that Bojack is in rehab, we can expect that some of the seasons will be about him being there. Some people have thought and wished that he would be locked up there for the whole season and try to get out.

Some fans have thought that Diane might not make it through season 6. It has been hinted at for a while, and the fact that Diane’s life hasn’t been going well could mean that the show’s main character dies.

Todd’s season will probably have about the same amount of wasted time as past seasons. Still, we are waiting for Todd to finish his rock opera and, hopefully, get his life in order.

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This season, Princess Carolyn will be getting used to being a new mom, and it will be interesting to see how she does.

With the help of some new screenshots from Netflix, we can get a sneak peek at some of the things that will happen in season 6.


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We don’t know who will be in the show yet, but the main cast is likely to be back. The main actors and actresses in Bojack are:

  • Will Arnett as Bojack
  • Amy Sedaris plays Princess Carolyn, and Alison Brie plays Diane.
  • Todd: Aaron Paul as
  • Mr. Peanut Butter is played by Paul F. Tompkins.

We can’t be sure about anyone else besides these names. We hope that Aparna Nancherla will come back as Hollyhock and that Rami Malek will come back as Flip McVicker as well.

At the time of publication, the IMDb page still didn’t have any new season 6 casting choices.

Where is the Production of Bojack Horseman Season 6?

As of September 2019, season 6 of Bojack Horseman is being made.

Amy Winfrey, who is one of the show’s directors, was able to tell us more about how it was made because she was interviewed.


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The writers give us a script, and then I start looking for visual references and things I think might be interesting. You know, the idea. Then I show them to Raphael [Bob-Waksberg, the person who made BoJack]. Once he gives me the green light, I talk to my board artists and give them their sequences. Together, we try to make each part of the episode as visually interesting as possible.

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Will Arnett recently talked to ET Canada. He didn’t say a lot, but he did confirm that season 6 of Bojack Horseman will come out in 2019. He also said, “We’re almost finished,” and that was in May 2019.

Bojack Horseman Season 5 Recap

In season 5, things were hard for Bojack, and that’s putting it mildly. Season 5 was by a long shot the darkest season of the show so far.

Throughout five seasons, Bojack has tried to improve himself, but life has always found a way to stop him.

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Throughout the season, we see how much BoJack needs painkillers to feel better. Hollyhock flushed down the toilet the painkillers he had, so he tries to get more by driving head-on into traffic, hoping to hurt himself so he can get more painkillers.

Frequently Asked Question

Will There Be a Sixth Season of Bojack Horseman?

The last season of BoJack Horseman, season 6, is the end of the show. Here’s what happens at the end of the series and how it affects each character. Here is how the sixth and last season of BoJack Horseman ends, as well as what it all means.

Will Bojack Horseman Have a Seventh Season?

Netflix ended the show completely and told Raphael Bob-Waksberg and his team that Season 6 would be the last one. He told Vulture that he had once asked Netflix to let him know when the show was over.

Is Bojack Horseman Done for Good?

The last season of BoJack Horseman, especially the last few episodes that were so amazing and made you think, was written beautifully. I’m sad that the show is over, but I’m happy with how it turned out! Right now, you can watch all six seasons of BoJack Horseman on Netflix.

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