In the Bleach Tybw Anime, Uryu Ishida Might Join Yhwach’s Forces!

Bleach The last scene of the most recent episode of TYBW was a dark cliffhanger about Uryu Ishida. Jugram Haschwalth’s offer for him to join the Wandenreich looks like something he will think about.

The end of the most recent episode, Everything But the Rain, is a big turning point in the Bleach TYBW anime. Uryu has been given a moral dilemma that he needs to figure out how to solve.


Uryu doesn’t get along with the Shinigami very well, but he isn’t as cruel and bloodthirsty as the Sternritter. In Bleach TYBW, he has to choose a side either way. From how the last episode ended, it’s clear that he didn’t find it easy to decide.

In the Bleach Tybw Anime, Uryu Ishida Might Join Yhwach’s Forces

Haschwalth Approaches Uryu With a Proposal

A Few Bleach The end of episode 11 of the TYBW anime, Everything But the Rain, will be talked about. A cold and foggy night sets the mood for the scene. Uryu looks at the ground while Yhwach’s personal adviser watches from a distance. It’s only a few seconds long, but it shows a bigger picture.

Uryu didn’t just attack Jugram as soon as he saw him, even though Yhwach is Ichigo Kurosaki’s direct enemy. Uryu might think a lot about joining forces with the Wandenreich and switching to the “dark side.”


Since they spend the most time with and care about the Shinigami, it makes sense that most Bleach TYBW viewers would root for them. But there are shades of grey in this moral conflict. Uryu might have a good reason to help the Sternritter invade Soul Society.

The Quincy Are the Shinigami’s Natural Foes.

Uryu’s problem was deepened in the Bleach TYBW anime by learning more about his own past. After looking through his father’s old papers, he found out that most Quincy were killed off more than a thousand years ago. Even as recently as 200 years ago, the Shinigami tried to finish the job.

This scene is likely to play a role in Uryu’s choice in the end. But, given his friendship with Ichigo, it’s not the easiest choice in the world. Uryu would have to fight his friends, like Orihime Inoue and Yasutora Chad, if he joined Yhwach.

In the Bleach TYBW anime, Uryu’s possible membership in the Wandenreich should give Quincy more friendly members. The audience isn’t supposed to support Yhwach or Jugram, but Uryu is in a trickier situation.

Uryu Could Pose a Grave Menace to Soul Society.

Uryu is a very strong fighter in the Bleach TYBW, so let it be known. In the Soul Society arc, this is the same person who beat Mayuri Kurotsuchi. Since then, Uryu has only gotten stronger. Even though he is the underdog, you shouldn’t count him out.

With the addition of new Quincy skills, Uryu will continue to add more moves and techniques to his collection. Picture him using Blut Vene to protect himself from attacks that could kill him as Ichigo did to Yhwach.

If he does fight with his fellow Quincy, he will add to their already strong numbers. The Sternritter killed most of the Shinigami on their first meeting before Uryu could help. We don’t know how Ichigo and his friends would feel about this yet.

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