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Is Kendall Roy Dead: What Did He Do in Season 3 of Succession?

The Roy family was in a full-blown civil war in the third season of Succession, making it one of the most exciting seasons so far. One of the most shocking things was when Kendall Ray, who was played by Jeremy Strong, seemed to die. This made fans wonder what would happen next in the series. But the season finale of the HBO show finally told people what was going on.

Is Kendall Roy Dead?

Succession “Chiantishire,” the eighth episode of Season 3, comes to a shocking end. Kendall Roy (Jeremy Strong), the most unhappy boy in the world, seems to kill himself in an Italian pool. Kendall has been struggling for weeks to keep the promise he made at the end of Season 2, and his depression seems to have reached its lowest point.

We watch Kendall’s bored kids leave the pool, and then Kendall, who is drunk, throws an empty beer bottle into the ocean. Then he let his face go under the water. Before cutting to the HBO show’s credits, the camera stays on him from below and shows him taking one last breath.

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So, Kendall Roy is dead, right? Did the hit HBO show Succession pull off a kill like in Game of Thrones? Kendall can’t make it through that, right? And Succession wouldn’t hint at such a big death and then not show it, right? Wouldn’t that be silly? But wouldn’t it be more silly to kill off the main character of the show?

On HBO’s Succession, here are all the clear signs that Kendall Roy is dead and all the clear signs that Kendall is not dead…

The Clues That Point to Yes

Since Succession Season 3 Episode 8 ended last night, a lot of people on Twitter have been sad about Kendall Roy’s death. The reason is good. The show has been teasing for weeks that a) a big death might be coming and b) Kendall is having thoughts of killing herself. The first hint seems to be mostly about Logan (Brian Cox), the patriarch of the Roy family.

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Alexander Skarsgard’s character Matsson asks Roman (Kieran Culkin) when Logan will die, and Kendall tells his father that he’ll be “broken” when Logan dies. But Logan’s death might not be a big enough surprise. Kendall’s sad, longing look at the Vessel last week and the fact that he has been getting worse and worse lately are both signs that he is hurting himself.

Not only would killing Kendall fulfill a lot of the show’s recent hints, but it would also be in line with what Succession star J. Smith-Cameron said on Watch What Happens Life:

Kendall’s suicide is “upsetting,” and it will change the direction of the show in a big way.

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The other thing that makes it look like Kendall is high is that the camera stays on his breath as it leaves his body. His children are inside the house, so he is all by himself. Kendall’s life could be in danger in just a short amount of time like this. And it rhymes horribly with how Kendall drowned the kid in Season 1 to kill him.

HBO also put out a teaser for the ninth episode of Season 3 of Succession, which doesn’t show Kendall at all. Someone says that the family is going through something and that Logan is losing his power.

Frequently Asked Question

Is Succession’s Kendall Dead?

But the season finale showed that he didn’t die. He narrowly avoided the same bad thing that he narrowly avoided two years earlier.

On Succession, What Will Happen to Kendall?

Kendall didn’t die, just like we predicted! After Kendall tried to kill himself at the end of Succession Season 3 Episode 8, we find out that his life was in danger, but he made it.

What Did Kendall Do in Season 3 of Succession?

At the end of the last episode, Kendall was drunk and face-down in a pool. At the beginning of this episode, he narrowly avoids dying. But we find out that his clever assistant Comfrey saved him just in time (Dasha Nekrasova).

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