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Lost in Space Season 2: Will There Be a Fourth Season of Lost in Space?

In the months since the alien engine threw their ship into the unknown, the Robinson family has moved into a temporary home on a new planet. But Maureen is desperate to find a way back to the Resolute so she can take her kids to Alpha Centauri and give them a chance at a normal life.

Lost in Space is back on Netflix with a brand-new season. If you haven’t been in cryosleep for the past two years, you’ve been waiting for the Robinson family to come back to our galaxy. Now that Season 3 is here, our favorite castaways from outer space (and their extended crews) are back for one last action-packed season of adventures.

How Did Lost in Space Season 2 End?

The second season of Lost in Space was all about robots and machines. When Maureen and John Robinson found out that the colony ship Resolute could jump between Earth and Alpha Centauri thanks to an alien engine and an alien robot pilot called Scarecrow, that was the big reveal. Will’s robot got on the Resolute in the first place to save Scarecrow, way back at the beginning of the series.


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Everything makes sense now, and the people who want to live there know that these alien robots love to save their own, no matter where or what. In the last episode of Season 1, when SAR (Second Alien Robot) tried to get Robot back, he attacked the Robinson family. This happened again in the Season 2 finale when a bunch of murderous robots attacked the Resolute to get back their lost robot engine.

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When a ship full of robots attacked, the colonists had to make a hard choice. There was no way for all the humans to fit on one Jupiter ship and jump to Alpha Centauri because there was only one alien engine and the Resolute was under attack. All 97 of the colonists’ kids, led by Judy Robinson, got on a Jupiter with a Robot and an engine.

Scarecrow and Dr. Smith gave up their lives so that they could jump to safety (although you can never be too sure that Smith is dead). All of the adults jumped into different Jupiters and left the damaged Resolute. Now, they have been separated from their children and are stuck in space without a way to get to the colony.

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The Jupiter with all the kids came back, but not at Alpha Centauri. Instead, it came back somewhere completely different. It turns out that Robot didn’t use the engine to follow the beacon to the colony. Instead, he used it to follow a signal from the spaceship Fortuna.

Everyone thought the ship was lost since it had not been seen for 20 years. Grant Kelly, Judy Robinson’s real father, was also the captain of the ship.

Frequently Asked Question

What Happened to Lost in Space’s Second Season?

The second season ended with all 97 kids, led by Judy Robinson, crammed into a single Jupiter. The adults, on the other hand, were left floating in space in a bunch of spaceships that weren’t powered by aliens. They had no clear way to get back to Earth or to Alpha Centauri.

Will Lost in Space 2022 Have Another Season?

The popular Netflix show was run by the late Zack Estrin, who died on September 23, 2022. He ran the show for three seasons. In March 2020, it was said that Lost In Space’s third season would be the last.

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Will There Be a Fourth Season of Lost in Space?

“Danger, Will Robinson!” Lost in Space will not be back for a fourth season, which is a shame. Fans are sad that there won’t be any more episodes of the beloved science fiction TV show that was based on The Swiss Family Robinson and had a rushed ending.

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