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“The Walking Dead” Season 11: Who Will Die in the Ending?

The Walking Dead has ended after eleven seasons, but before the credits rolled, a few characters had died.

The famous zombie show on AMC has had many famous deaths, so it makes sense that the last episode wouldn’t be peaceful. Here is all the information you need, but be aware that this article gives away a lot about the episode.

“The Walking Dead” Season 11: Who Will Die in This Season?

Since AMC announced four spin-off shows based on the characters of The Walking Dead, some fans may have thought that the main cast was pretty safe and would live to see another day (or series). But that was not the case.

Luke (Dan Fogler) and Jules (Alex Sgambati) died at the beginning of the finale. They were attacked by walkers, and Jules died right away while Luke was taken to a hospital but died there from his injuries. Rosita Espinosa, who was played by Christian Serratos, also died in the finale.

Rosita was the only main character to die in the episode. Since Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) are moving on to new stories, it came down to her or Eugene (Josh McDermitt) to die.

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The character died from a bite she got while running away from a group of walkers while trying to save her daughter Coco. Rosita shielded her daughter with her body when they fell into a group of zombies, then ran away with the rest of the group.

The Walking Dead

Rosita did not die right away, though, and the rest of the episode was spent giving the character a sad send-off. Serratos suggested that her character be the one to die in the finale because she wanted Rosita to have a happy ending and felt that The Walking Dead team owed it to fans to have one major character die.

The actor said these things in an interview with Entertainment Weekly: “I just really wanted that to happen to people, especially in our finale. “I think that if a show is about the possibility of losing people you care about, you want someone to die at the end. I know it sounds really sad, but I think the show owed it to the fans to break their hearts one last time if that makes sense.”

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Serratos also said that when they were done filming Season 10, she had started to think that her character would be the one to die “I think we were all thinking, “I wonder who is going to go?” Who’s going to do it? And I think we slowly began to understand that it might not be anyone.


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