Vikings Season 5: What Happened to Rollo in Finale?

Fans were devastated when Vikings were canceled on History with little explanation. Fortunately, at the last minute, Amazon Prime stepped in to preserve the show and provide a home for its final season. However, as new viewers watched the show for the first time, they had many questions, among them, what had become to Rollo.

The Duke of Normandy and a fearsome Viking warrior, who appeared on the show from the beginning, left at the conclusion of Season 5. What gives, then? It was difficult to picture the show continuing without him because he was so deeply interwoven in the storylines of other characters, but it did, and viewers are undoubtedly interested.

Vikings Season 5: What Happened to Rollo?

Although Rollo spent the majority of his time on Vikings trying to escape his brother Ragnar’s shadow, he played a significant role in the show for a considerable amount of time.

He then made his final appearance at the conclusion of Season 5. He claimed to be Bjorn’s biological father and dispatched men to aid Hvitserk and King Harald in the battle. Furthermore, it didn’t seem entirely necessary to bring him back now that his story was all but over.


Rollo’s actor, Clive Standen, told Entertainment Tonight that he doesn’t think it’s necessary to portray a character if the plot isn’t significant. In 2018, he told the publication, “I don’t want to stay in a show until I can service the character and provide the show a strong storyline.”

At the time, he had returned to Vikings to reprise his role as Rollo, but despite some fans’ expectations, Rollo didn’t appear in Season 6 on Amazon Prime.

Some Viewers Are Curious as to Whether Rollo Was a True Viking.

A lot of the elements of Vikings are based on historical occurrences. After all, this was in History. Rollo the Walker was the real-life alias of Hrolf Ganger, who was also a Duke of Normandy. He was also a big guy who overpowered many people around him, according to some legends. Rollo isn’t the most physically imposing figure on Vikings, but his military prowess makes up for it.

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Will “Vikings” Have the Seventh Season?

Fans want to know if Vikings will have a Season 7 or possibly more seasons given that the show has sort of found a new home on Amazon Prime. The idea seemed to be that History wouldn’t let the last season finish, but the streaming service would. And it appears that was the primary justification for Vikings migrating to Amazon Prime at this time.


The last episodes of Vikings, according to creator Michael Hirst, offered him closure. I had a general concept of where I was headed,” he claimed. “And when we got to what I knew would be the final season, it was kind of extremely satisfying.

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Additionally, I thought I had stated all there was to say about Vikings.” Fans were at least given a satisfying resolution for their years of devotion.

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