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The Witcher Season 2: Why Did Leshy Killed Eskel?

Henry Cavill is finally back to play Geralt of Rivia, the silver-haired monster hunter, in The Witcher season 2, after a number of injuries and delays caused by a pandemic. Next, we’ll talk about why Eskel died in season 2 and if he also dies in the books.

People say that the second season of The Witcher is based on Andrzej Sapkowski‘s book Blood of Elves and that it starts the Time of Contempt. After the battle of Sodden, this chapter starts with Geralt bringing Ciri back to Kaer Morhen to keep her safe and train her.

The Netflix series is a direct adaptation of Sapkowski’s book series, which was also made into a popular video game series by CD Projekt Red. Actor Henry Cavill is a huge fan of video games.

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Why Did They Kill Eskel in Season 2 of the Witcher?

In season 2, episode 2, called “Kaer Morhen,” Leshy attacked Eskel and killed him. The Leshy turned Eskel into a monster that looked like a tree, but Geralt and Vesemir kill him because it would be too dangerous for him to stay alive.

In the time it would have taken Geralt and Vesemir to find a cure, Eskel would have done too much damage while he was changed. In another situation, Geralt and his mentor were in the same position as Eskel when Geralt was trying to convince Vesemir that Ciri was too important to kill.

In the Book, Does the Character Die?

No, Eskel does not die in the books. In fact, he plays a very important part in what happens in the rest of The Witcher’s series.

The Witcher Season 2

Fans were upset and confused on Twitter about why the writers of the Netflix show killed off a popular character from the books and video games. Since Eskel is an important character in the source material, it will be interesting to see how his absence is dealt with on the show.

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Who Plays Eskel?

Basil Eidenbenz plays Eskel in season 2 of The Witcher. Born in Zurich, Switzerland, Eidenbenz went to the European Actor School and got his start in the German comedy Let’s Get a Divorce.

During his career, Eidenbenz has been in a number of shows and movies, such as the 2016 movie Denial and the TV show The Athena. Thue Ersted Rasmussen had to leave the role of Eskel because he had to change his schedule for COVID. The actor took over the role.


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