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Designated Survivor Season 3: What Happened at the End of Designated Survivor?

The succession has continued. The third season of Designated Survivor, the Kiefer Sutherland-starring thriller that Netflix snatched up in September after ABC canceled it, will debut on June 7 this year.

Check out the two-minute synopsis of the first two seasons, which are only available on Netflix.

Sutherland plays low-level Cabinet member Tom Kirkman in the political thriller. After a devastating terrorist attack during the State of the Union, which kills everyone in front of him in the presidential succession line, Kirkman is unexpectedly elevated to the position of President of the United States without any prior training.

Kirkman had the difficult challenge of trying to restore the government and stabilize the nation over the first two seasons of the eOne series. His wife (Natascha McElhone) died tragically in an accident, and his son (Tanner Buchanan) moved out of the White House to attend college on the West Coast, leaving Kirkman and his 12-year-old daughter (Mckenna Grace) to live alone in the executive mansion.

Designated Survivor Ending Explain

“On election day, Kirkman comes to his therapist to ease his guilt about the events – and his own decisions – of the momentous past 36 hours,” according to the episode’s narrative summary for Designated Survivor season three.

After a very shady campaign, Tom Kirkman finds himself re-elected president after election day.

In the #truthorconsequences episode of the American thriller series, Kirkman discusses his anxiety over some of his decisions with his therapist.

Sadly, Netflix canceled the series in July of last year, thus none of the key cast members will appear in any future episodes.

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The main character is particularly conflicted with his choice to withhold learning the truth about his rival Cornelius Moss (Geoff Pierson).

Kirkman discovered earlier in the season that, contrary to rumors, Moss had nothing to do with the bioweapons plot that would eliminate a portion of the electorate.

Kirkman chose not to speak out, which undoubtedly contributed to his electoral victory.

This choice might prove disastrous for Kirkman because many people are aware that he did nothing with the knowledge he possessed.

A different summary of the final episode stated: “Kirkman talks to his psychologist about the previous 36 hours and discusses his conflicted dilemma regarding whether or not to publish the audio recording that suggests Moss may not have been involved in the terrorist plan.

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He also discusses the decisions and assessments of his attitude that he has made over those hours. In the present, Kirkman’s popularity is increasing, Isabel confesses to Aaron the real reason she and he cannot get back together—and shortly thereafter gives herself a home pregnancy test—and Mars tries to persuade Lynn, who is recovering, that she would be the ideal candidate to run for her father’s former Senate seat.

“Kirkman is elected to a full term on election day and throws a celebration with his staff, supporters, and supporters.

The FBI detains Myles Lee and Lorraine for their role in the Kirkman and Moss campaigns as well as their double-crossing behavior.

At the very end of the episode, Isabel is invited to serve as the White House’s deputy chief of staff.

Additionally, she learns out she is pregnant, which will cause her and Aaron even more problems in the future.

After Emily convinces the FBI to arrest Lorraine Zimmer (Julie White) for her part in disseminating false information about Moss, the season comes to a satisfying conclusion.

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But previously in the series, she also betrayed her principles by disclosing details about Moss and the Alzheimer’s gene he had.

Netflix has the third season of Designated Survivor accessible to stream.

Designated Survivor Synopsis

As the selected survivor for the State of the Union speech, Thomas Kirkman is portrayed by Kiefer Sutherland as an American professor who unexpectedly becomes President of the United States when an explosion kills everyone in front of him in the audience.

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