Gotham Season 5: Will Gotham Have the Sixth Season?

Will there be more to the DC-based story in Gotham season 6? After the program finally made Bruce Wayne into Batman and gave Jim Gordon a mustache, viewers may want it. Gotham, which made its debut in the fall of 2014, was among FOX’s top-rated dramas for a time during its tenure.

Despite a significant decline in live viewers in recent years, Gotham still has a devoted fan following that was thrilled when FOX decided to give the series a meaningful finale rather than simply canceling it on a cliffhanger as they’ve done with so many other shows.

Just before FOX aired the season 4 finale, it was formally revealed in May 2018 that Gotham will receive a fifth and final season that would wrap up the Batman prequel series. In contrast to previous seasons’ 22-episode orders, Gotham season 5 only had 12 episodes in total.

Even still, any fan of Gotham would concur that 12 episodes are far preferable to the series ending after season 4 when Selina Kyle was shot in the stomach, Ed Nygma and Lee Thompkins were bleeding from stab wounds, and Gotham was on the verge of becoming a lawless wasteland.


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The fans will be clamoring for more Batman action now that it’s all done. The issue is that, barring an unforeseen event, they are unlikely to receive it, at least not in the way that Gotham fans are used to. Here is what is known regarding the extremely remote chance of a sixth season of Gotham.

Gotham Season 5 Netflix Release Date

The release date of Gotham season 5 on Netflix will vary significantly depending on where you live, so let’s look at each English-speaking zone separately.

For the past few years, new seasons have been released for people in the US around September, and the final season is no exception. On September 30th, the last season is scheduled to air.

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The earliest it will be accessible to Canadians on Netflix is September 2019.


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You’ll probably have the least wait of any region if you’re in the UK. In contrast to normal practice, the last season of this year’s Netflix original series will debut on July 24, 2019.

Australians still have to wait for the addition of season 4. Seasons 2 and 3 helped Australia catch up in 2019, but season 5 won’t likely arrive until 2020.

Wait, Won’t Gotham Be Leaving Netflix in the US?

You undoubtedly already know that Fox has been removing its programming from Netflix over the past few years as a result of its contract expiration. The good news in this situation is that Fox does not have control over the show’s streaming rights.


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Warner Brothers, who chose to provide Netflix with the streaming license, is to blame for it. Naturally, a problem can come when Warner Brother launches its streaming service in 2019 or decides to place the series on its DC streaming service in place of it.

Gotham Season 5 Was The End

Fans eventually got to see Jim Gordon develop into the mustachioed lawman seen in most DC comics during Gotham season 5 and the No Man’s Land storyline. Bruce Wayne also, at last, evolved into Batman, the valiant guardian Gotham was destined to depend on.

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There isn’t anywhere further for the series to go now that the season 5 finale gives viewers a peek at Gotham following a significant time jump that completes its origin goals. There was no room for a sixth season of Gotham because the conclusion was intended to bookend the narrative.


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It’s difficult to imagine how a revival of Gotham might happen in a way that makes sense, despite what Gotham star Donal Logue remarked a few months ago. Particularly considering that Gotham was prohibited from using the names Batman or Joker due to studio requirements from Warner Bros.

Gotham Was Jim Gordon’s Story, Not Batman’s

Many fans found themselves longing for a Gotham season 6 that could center on Batman’s adventures hunting down bad guys as it became evident that Gotham season 5 would end with a fully-formed Batman. Everyone is familiar with this tale, and Gotham was never intended to be a Batman-focused series, which is the difficulty here.

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Although Bruce Wayne had a significant role in the voyage, Jim Gordon has always been the focus of Gotham, which was created to follow his story. Although Batman’s journey may only be beginning, Gordon’s tale has already been told.

There Are No Plans To Continue Gotham’s Story

There is minimal likelihood that Gotham will be one of the several series that have ended and then been brought back. There has been zero mention of a Gotham season 6 happening, and Gotham season 5 was specifically created to wrap up the series.


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Additionally, there has been no sign that any sort of spinoff or follow-up program is in the works. There are no plans to link the two series even though Bruno Heller, the creator of Gotham, is guiding Pennyworth at EPIX, an origin tale for Batman’s devoted butler. This is truly the end for Gotham.

Frequently Asked Question

Will Gotham Return for a Fifth Season?

The main characters of James “Jim” Gordon and Bruce Wayne are the focus of the fifth and final season of the American television series Gotham, which is based on DC Comics characters associated with the Batman franchise. Warner Bros., DC Entertainment, and Primrose Hill Productions are responsible for the season’s production.

Why Was Gotham’s Fifth Season So Brief?

After 4 seasons, the show was almost canceled. To reach 100 episodes for syndicated reruns, FOX authorized a 12-episode fifth and final season. got postponed. Which just so happened to have coincided with Fox being acquired by Disney, who weren’t going to keep airing a program about a WB-owned product.

Will Gotham Have the Sixth Season?

Fox Entertainment and the organizations responsible for the series’ production formally declared that “Gotham” season 5 will be the last and last season before the release of the sixth season. ‘Gotham’ won’t get a sixth season as a result.

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