Is Jake Sully’s Character, Avtaar 2, Paralyzed in Real Life?

The main character Jake Sully was the center of the box office smash science fiction film Avatar. Sully was a US Marine who was injured, leaving him paraplegic from the waist down, and was eventually discharged. Jake Sully discovers with amazement that his twin brother Tom was murdered.

Later, Jake makes the decision to take over for his brother in the RDA’s Avatar Program, which is set in the fictional world of Pandora and involves controlling human/Navi hybrids via remote control. When Jake starts to feel sympathy for Navi and meets Neytiri, he rebels against the RDA and sets the plot into motion.

Sam Worthington, an English-born Australian actor, portrayed Jake Sully in the film. The actor later starred in a number of well-known films, including Everest, The Shack, and The Debt. Let’s find out if avatar’s Jake Sully is paralyzed.

Jake Sully in Avtaar: Is He Paralyzed?

While the Jake Sully character from the film Avatar was crippled, the actor who played him is not. Sam Worthington, an actor, does not actually use a wheelchair. However, the film’s creators had to make the actor appear incapacitated. The actors’ legs are made to look thinner through prosthetics rather than computer-generated imagery (CGI).

Sam Worthington

James Cameron explained John Rosengrant at Stan Winston’s studio took a mold from the legs of a paraplegic who had around Sam’s skeletal size, and then they created rubber legs while his genuine legs are tucked down through the chair. As a result, the cast and crew decided on a more elaborate approach. Despite the part receiving widespread praise, many felt it lacked authenticity because the actor was not actually disabled.

Sam Worthington’s Preparation For His Role in Avtaar

The actor, who spent time in Hawaii attempting to connect with nature so he could better picture wandering around in a forest when he was on set, did not spare any effort in getting ready for his role. Sam and the other actors had to wear motion capture outfits as well as the other requirements for the part.

Sam Worthington (2)

According to reports, the director instructed the performers to envision the sound stages, where they performed much of the production, as being in deep jungles and floating mountains. Cameron continued to film the actors using performance capture technology, which he later used to digitally alter them into the blue-skinned, long-limbed Navi.

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The cast and the director were in the forest for roughly three days, cleaning fish, chopping fruit, and putting together meals. For one night, Zoe Saldana even prepared dinner outside. Cameron thinks this is the key to his success in portraying the Navi version of his character.

Sam Worthington Rose to Rise After Avtaar

In a recent interview, the actor who rose to fame after playing the lead in Avatar discussed his challenges. Sam Worthington revealed that he was living a completely different life before auditioning for the role of Jake Sully in James Cameron’s box office smash Avatar.

Sam Worthington (3)

Sam Worthington disclosed that he had sold every item in his studio apartment and moved out. He continued by saying that he did not like who he was and that is why he sold everything he possessed to his friends.

In order to land the part of Jake Sully, Worthington did not sit back and worked hard. As the studio flew him to Los Angeles for countless auditions, it was difficult.

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The filmmaker has also spoken openly about how difficult it was to cast Sam due to his Crocodile Dundee-like accent. The actor that made Cameron want to follow him into combat, Cameron continued, was Sam Worthington, adding that other actors had a hard time pulling it off.

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